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The 2019 Honda Fit hatchback is admired for its roomy cabin, sufficient cargo space, high fuel efficiency, and its punchy performance. Some of its worth-mentioning features include forward-collision warning, lane keep assist, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, automatic high-beam headlights, stability and traction control, side-curtain airbags, rearview camera, and Bluetooth connectivity. 2019 Honda Fit tires could be 185/55R16 or 185/60R15, depending on the trim level which could be EX, EX-L, LX, or Sport, and if you bought a brand new 2019 Honda Fit, then your hatchback might’ve rolled out of the factory with a set of Firestone FR740 tires attached.

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Honda Fit 2019 LX
Verified Customer
Apr 15, 2023
Not happy that i was sold 2 1/2 year old tires

Tires are fine but not happy that i was sold 2 1/2 year old tires as new.....really wish this was made more clear on their site

Honda Fit 2019 EX
Verified Customer
Jan 24, 2022

LOOK NO FURTHER! These are the Very Best Toyo has ever made on Planet Earth!!!!!! *Having Problems with Snow? Solved! *Having Issues on wet pavement? Solved! *Not getting any performance handling out of your Tires? Solved! * Not happy with Tread Wear? Solved!!!! I have been using these for 20 years on Models from 1995 to my present year model 2019! If I could be a spokesperson for the company, I would do it for free. Don't "wonder" wether or not you will be "safe" in the snow, because if u have just a front wheel drive vehicle, and u KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN SNOW, Guaranteed you will have the best performance you could ever ask for. I pushed 4 feet of snow out of my way in the mountains of Colorado in a 1995 Saturn with these Snow blowers on the car!!! Never was I in doubt in Snow, Rain, or sunny days in Vegas. Just a Dream come true! Go Celsius!! Oh, and I will Easily get 60k miles on them.

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