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Ford is one of the most well-known auto manufacturers in America, often depicting several aspects of American culture through its automobiles. Started by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford Motor Company completely transformed the way cars were produced, in the course of time as the soon-to-be-produced Model T was aimed at mass production. In-N-Out was one of the first eateries to allow people to order at drive-throughs in 1948 and Ford cars had a big part to play in being amongst the available vehicles. Yet another way in which Henry Ford transformed the industry through automobiles was the introduction of the assembly line. The company halted vehicle production in 1942 to produce military Jeeps and more defense equipment such as planes. Today, the Ford Mustang which was initially produced in 1964 is the most iconic and commonly visible car on American roads. The homegrown manufacturer has also made its presence felt in the light truck industry by offering vehicles like the Ford F-250 Super Duty. The entire F-Series of trucks is available across several variants, sporting various engines and fuel options.


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