Chevrolet Trailblazer Tires

Chevrolet’s Trailblazer was introduced in 1999 as a more upscale version of the S-10 Blazer, and was powered by a big inline 6-cylinder engine, with a V8 option. All Trailblazers were four-wheel drive, with the exception of all-wheel drive for the SS model (which also featured the Corvette’s LS2 V8). Though it’s been quite a long time ago, the Trailblazer was applauded by the automotive press and was named North American Truck of the Year, with the 4.2L engine being named to Ward’s 10 Best Engines. Trim levels included LS, LT, LTZ, and the performance-oriented SS, with advanced-for-the-time features like a Bose six-speaker audio setup, touchscreen GPS, heated front seats, OnStar, and more. The Trailblazer was offered as an EXT model as well, with third-row seating and a raised roofline to accommodate rear passengers. All in all, the Trailblazer was a comfortable, capable midsize SUV from Chevrolet, although it was replaced by the Traverse crossover in model year 2010. The final Trailblazer was also one of the very last vehicles to come from GM’s Moraine, Ohio plant a week before its closure.


Find the right tires for your Chevrolet Trailblazer.

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