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For decades, Checkers were the only purpose-built taxi vehicle in the U.S. Big and boxy, Checkers (think of the 70s TV show “Taxi”) were built to be easily repaired and maintained, with a huge amount of interior room and a chassis and drivetrain that were designed to stand up to years of abuse. Checker even made an extended “airport limo” version with six or eight doors for multiple passengers. The last Checker rolled off the line in Kalamazoo in 1982.

The Marathon is the most common iteration of the Checker, and the Hankook Optimo H724 or Nexen N'Priz AH5 are both excellent choices. There are still some Checker Aerobus vehicles around, and the Hankook Kinergy ST or Firestone Destination LE2 would be a good fit.

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Buying tires online can be a stressful process, but it really doesn't need to be. SimpleTire offers a simple approach to finding the tires that are best for you and your Checker. Select your Checker vehicle below, then tell us a few more things such as year and trim level to determine your tie size. From there, we'll show you tires that fit your vehicle and are the best match based on performance characteristics, but you can also look for the best value tires, tires that are on sale or part of a promo, have the longest tread life, and much more.

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