2018 Bmw I3s Tires

The 2018 BMW I3s is a B-segment, high-roof hatchback from the German manufacturer BMW. The 2018 model comes with an electric motor, a roomy four-person cabin, a competitive price point, and progressive design. The BMW I3s comes in different trims such as Base and Range Extender With different tire sizes for Front and Rear. 2018 BMW I3s tires sizes could be 175/55R20, or 195/55R20 depending on the trim level and a brand new BMW I3s might’ve rolled out of the factory with a set of Bridgestone Ecopia EP500, or Bridgestone Ecopia EP600 tires attached.

Browse 2018 Bmw I3s tires by Trim and Size.

TrimTire SizeOE Tire

175/55R20 89T XL

Bridgestone Ecopia EP500

195/50R20 93T XL

Bridgestone Ecopia EP500

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