We’ve revamped our website (and branding!) but we’re still keeping things simple.

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. We recently unveiled our new look and wanted to fill you in on what we changed, and why we changed it.

What’s shiny, new, and has that new tire smell we know and love?

The first thing you’ll notice is our new look. We overhauled our branding to reflect our lighthearted approach to simplifying the tire replacement process and invested in a combination of state-of-the-art technology to guide visitors, like you, on every step of the journey - from finding the perfect tires to swapping out your old ones.

SimpleTire New Website Homepage on Laptop and Mobile

We’ve also added a few new features:

  • Searching made simple: Our updated search bar features typeahead capabilities. In other words, you can skip the dropdown menus and instead start typing exactly what you’re looking for - just like you would on any web search! Just start typing and our search bar will immediately recognize how you’re trying to find your perfect fit - by tire brand, tire size, vehicle or tire type - and make suggestions as you go.
  • Yes, it might be raining on your screen: Location-based personalization lets us do some fun things like show your local weather in our home screen animation. It also enables us to consider your location’s climate, seasonality and terrain when we’re suggesting the right tires for you.
  • Personalized picks just for you: Once you’ve decided how you want to search - whether that’s by vehicle type, brand, deals or tire size - we’ll use everything we know about you, plus data and insights from years of tire buying habits, to pick out some personalized top suggestions. Based on what we know about you, we’ll whittle your options down in categories like Best Seller, Best Deal, Most Trusted Brand, and more, so you can make a well-informed decision without spending time and energy on unnecessary research (because we’ve done that for you)! Or, if you’re a tire lover like us who prefers to peruse all the options we’ve still got you covered. Just scroll past the top picks and browse to your heart’s content - hot tip: toggle to the advanced view to check out the full tire specs and insights!

SimpleTire Top 5 Tire Selections Screen on Laptop

What’s same same but different?

We’ll give it to you straight - pretty much everything on the new site looks different. While we put a lot of effort (and sweat and tears and many sleepless nights) into simplifying our look, we also put just as much into making sure our customers who already love us still feel right at home.

Some of the highlights:

What does this mean for you?

So now that you know what we’ve been up to for the past couple of years, what’s it all mean? Sure, we’ve revamped the way everything looks and upgraded some of our processes and technology, but most importantly we’ve recentered on our core belief that buying tires should be simple for anyone and everyone. Our new site serves as our commitment to evolving our industry and putting our customers and partners first in everything we do. Watch this space for what’s next.