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Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Tire Review

Last updated 10/25/2022 - Originally published 10/25/2022
Written by SimpleTire

Italian manufacturer Pirelli has always been known for production excellence, innovation, and cutting edge technology on its tires and they provide a high-end mix of performance, control, and longevity. Founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli is capable of developing tailor-made tires for vehicles. The company offers different tires in its lineup, one of which is Pirelli P Zero Run Flat, which is an excellent performance-based summer tire for passenger cars. But what exactly makes the tire one of the best in the industry? Fortunately, SimpleTire is here to help with a Pirelli P Zero Run Flat review.

Features and Benefits

These summer tires provide reliable braking, control, and handling performance throughout the year in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions. To deliver on this promise, the P Zero Run Flat relies on four major innovations that include:

Three longitudinal grooves, which repel water to provide maximum grip in wet weather and to prevent the risk from aquaplaning. Asymmetric tread pattern for excellent handling and traction Ribbed pattern and robust tire structure for superb stability and steering responsiveness at high speeds. Multiple small sipes to minimize uneven tread wear Shoulder tread block design increases the biting edges in contact with the road surface during cornering and maneuvering

Consistency is important for the occupants of any vehicle, and Pirelli has always scored high in this regard. The S-shaped tread design tire ensures consistency during braking, thereby leading to a high Pirelli P Zero Run Flat rating. The solid central ribs on this tire also enhance braking efficiency. These inputs have been gained from Pirelli’s knowledge of competitive motorsports.

Durability is important for a performance-based tire to ensure long-lasting performance for your vehicle. With that in mind, the Pirelli P Zero Run Flat gets small grooves which promote even treadwear by evenly distributing the forces of braking, acceleration, and cornering across the tread area. This promised durability is the primary reason that several performance vehicles run on P Zero Run Flat as their standard tires.

Pros and Cons

Now that you know what the P Zero Run Flat tire does, you might be wondering if it makes sense for you. Here are a few reasons why you should consider the Pirelli P Zero Run Flat:

Excellent stability at high speeds, leading to great control in emergency situations High consistency as it remains stable despite quick loss of air pressure, enabling it to be driven reasonably long distances while flat
Better road contact and lateral siping detail significantly reduce the braking distance Minimal heat build-up at high speeds Tread design follows the road surface closely for a consistent grip

Unfortunately, no tire is perfect and the P Zero Run Flat is no different. While there are plenty of strengths for the tire, there are some negatives:

Pirelli P Zero Run Flat is a performance-based summer tire, making it unsuitable for both all seasons and rough terrains. These tires will not be able to generate suitable grip in snow and other types of off-road driving. High price, as the P Zero Run Flat starts at over $200 per tire. The set of four will cost more than $800 before taxes, and that’s not including labor charges.

SimpleTire’s view on P Zero Run Flat tires

Mercedes AMG, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo, and Porsche are some manufacturers who have found their customers benefiting from the performance-oriented P Zero Run Flat tires over the years. At SimpleTire, we believe that these tires truly provide excellent value for money, even if they appear expensive at the outset and are not part of OEM equipment. As long as you are not driving on snow or on off-road terrains, you are guaranteed to enjoy handling the best cars on these tires.

Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Ratings and Reviews

Nick Verified Customer

“These tires came on my 2019 Hyundai Veloster N stock with the performance package. I was very excited because I always heard such great things about these tires. After only about 9,000 miles all 4 tires are bald even with proper rotation. Just to add to that all of them are also weather cracking terribly. I will never recommend these tires to anyone. They are absolute garbage.”

Luis Verified Customer

“These are pretty good no issues with handalonh on my 2017 mustang GT they have pretty good tread they are sticky tire and in wet climate they handle good for a performance tire”

Leo Jr De La Verified Customer

“They are really great tires! They ride smooth and very quit as well !”

Vehicles the Pirelli P Zero Run Flat is an OEM tire for

Although not part of OEM, vehicles such as 2020 BMW 120d M Sport, 2017 BMW X3, 2020 Mercedes W213 E300 AMG, 2016 BMW 2 Series, 2021 Alfa Romeo 159, 2018 Porsche Cayenne, and many others can be fitted with Pirelli P Zero Run Flat tires Since vehicle manufacturers focus on performance features that meet the car’s needs and the consumer’s demands, this tire serves as a great alternative.

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