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Off road tires: What are they & do you need them?

Last updated 10/14/2022 - Originally published 9/24/2020
Written by SimpleTire

Certain vehicles, as well as certain drivers, require specific performance needs from their tires. Consider the difference in a Toyota Camry and the Toyota FJ Cruiser. A quality touring, performance, or all-season tire may be the perfect option for the daily commuter in the Camry, but the driver of the FJ Cruiser might very well plan to leave behind the paved highways and byways. That's why they need off-road tires.

Anatomy of an Off-Road Tire

There's no denying that off-road tires have a unique look. They're large, with deep tread patterns that extend onto the sidewall, But off-road tires don't just look tough - they are tough. They're designed to navigate treacherous off-road terrain including mud, water, sand, and rocks. They incorporate specialized technology like rock-ejecting tread patters, extra-durable rubber, and sometimes even Kevlar.

Who Needs Off-Road Tires?

Many owners of SUVs, small trucks, heavy-duty trucks, or Jeeps are under the impression that their vehicle requires off-road tires or all-terrain tires. In truth, there are several tire options that are available for trucks and SUVs that will serve as better options if the vehicle is going to be used solely on paved surfaces. Touring or all-terrain performance tires offer a smoother ride, less tire noise, and better gas mileage.

Off-road tires are the perfect option for a variety of vehicles and are a smart choice for trail-driving adventurers, people who love mudding, and frequent beachgoers. But they're not just meant for fun. Off-road tires give an extra edge to drivers who take their vehicles into rough environments for work. If you frequently work on a farm, construction sites, or anywhere else that takes you off the asphalt, consider off-road tires.

Purchasing Off-Road Tires

There are many premium off-road tires. The world's biggest brands, from Goodyear to BFGoodrich, manufacture different sizes and styles capable of fitting light trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, off-road vehicles, and even modified VW Bugs. These tires are also manufactured for different types of off-road use, including dirt, sand, mud, snow, slick rock, and a combination of surfaces. Off-road tires can be purchased from a local auto dealership to ensure a proper fit.

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