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The advantages of high performance tires

Last updated 11/03/2023 - Originally published 9/24/2020
Written by SimpleTire

Originally designed for use on the racetrack, high performance tires first started to become popular among consumers in the 1980s. Today's high performance tires are meant for the streets but inspired by technology from the track. They offer several advantages that drivers of high performance vehicles might want.

Improved Handling

High performance tires are made of a soft rubber that helps them stick to the road's surface when they heat up at high speeds. This makes it easier for sports cars, sedans, coupes, and roadsters to hug tight curves.

Maximum Traction at High Speeds

High performance tires are usually wider than other types of tires. This provides a greater surface area that clings to paved surfaces. It's important to note that most high performance tires are intended for driving in warm, dry conditions. There are also high performance all season and winter tires available. They will help your vehicle grip the road in bad weather.

Reduced Stopping Distance

The sticky rubber and wide surfaces of high performance tires also help you stop your vehicle quickly. That helps keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe.

Choosing High Performance Tires for Your Vehicle

There are several different types of high performance tires. The specific tire you choose will depend on the vehicle you drive. You need to make sure that you purchase a tire that fits your car or truck. You also need to be certain you're choosing the right high performance tires for the type of driving you do and the weather you commonly experience.

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Do You Need High Performance Tires?

If you drive your high performance vehicle on dry, paved surfaces then you could almost certainly benefit from high performance tires. They can provide improved handling and control. High performance tires can also make your vehicle more fun to drive. They offer a light, controlled drive that allows you to make turns, stop, and change lanes easily.

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