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All-terrain tires | What are they & who needs them?

Last updated 11/03/2023 - Originally published 9/24/2020
Written by SimpleTire

All terrain tires are one option for vehicles that are meant to drive on and off the road. In fact, some of the most popular brands of trucks and SUVs come equipped from the factory with some sort of all terrain tires. Because of the type of performance provided by all terrain tires, they aren't for everyone. Continue reading to find out if new all terrain tires are right for you and your vehicle.

What Are All Terrain Tires?

Just as the name suggests, all terrain tires were designed for on and off-road use. These tires most often possess a signature look with large, sturdy sidewalls, and pronounced treads. They're designed to flex and release with mud, rocks, and gravel.

In terms of all terrain tires, looks can be deceiving. Not every all terrain tire looks rough and tough, and not all tires that look like all terrain tires are intended for off-road driving. If you prefer a rugged look as well as on and off-road performance, all terrain tires may suit your needs. SimpleTire has tire experts ready to help you determine if all terrain tires are right for you and your driving style.

What Vehicles Need All Terrain Tires?

Typically, all terrain tires are used on light trucks, pickup trucks, and SUVs. However, fitting a vehicle with all terrain tires is only partially about the make and model. The other consideration is the type of terrain most often encountered.

Remember, you should never mount any tires on a vehicle that don't meet or beat its speed and load ratings as determined by the automaker. Similarly, you should never fit a vehicle with tires that aren't the recommended size. So, while huge all terrain tires might seem like a great idea, they can actually deliver less than ideal performance if they aren't the recommended size for the vehicle.

What Kind of Driving Requires All Terrain Tires?

If you do a good amount of driving both on and off the roads then you should consider all terrain tires. Whether you drive through rough terrain for work or enjoy off-roading for fun, all terrain tires can deliver the performance that other tires can't.

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