Racing tires vs. street tires

Last updated 10/14/2022 - Originally published 9/28/2020
Written by SimpleTire

Some folks say tires all look the same. I’ve said it myself. And while technically tires do have visible differences, it’s only if you take a close look. Unless you’re comparing racing tires and street tires. In this case, the differences are pretty obvious, even to non-tire nerds.

Why so different? Because race tires and passenger tires are designed for completely different uses. Racing slicks are all about getting as much rubber on the road as possible. This means no grooves, no tread pattern. That’s why it’s called a slick.

If you never, ever, even once in your life, had to drive in the rain, you might actually like racing slicks. If you have super-deep pockets, that is. Because race tires only last about 100 miles, and they’re more than twice as expensive as normal tires.

So just think about what a bargain you’re getting with normal Goodyear tires — they last tens of thousands of miles, and you can even use them when it rains!

Want a street-legal tire that has the spirit of a racing tire? Think about putting performance tires on your vehicle. They won’t transform your ride into a NASCAR-worthy stock car, but performance tires can give you better grip, crisper handling, and a sportier ride quality.

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