Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Cooper Evolution MT tires

Last updated 6/24/2024 - Originally published 6/24/2024
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The key characteristics essential for mud-terrain tires to perform their functions include a robust casing, reinforced sidewalls, and rim protection. The tread on most of them also features self-cleaning properties, removing debris such as dirt, mud, and sand along the way. While Cooper has been making truck tires for a while, Pirelli is often associated more with UHP tires, which is not the case here. The addition of either the Pirelli Scorpion MTR or Cooper Evolution MT tires makes a regular light truck feel more capable, especially in off-road areas. Although both tires feature robust designs for increasing strength, the Scorpion MTR gets rim protection and reinforced sidewalls for additional durability. Use this detailed Scorpion MTR vs Evolution MT tires comparison to decide which one is ideal for your vehicle.

Pirelli Scorpion MTR tires

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR, despite being a mud-terrain tire, is spongy and presents a stiff sidewall. Of course, the tire’s design is suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles and it is not as loud as what many people on the internet might describe. A Scorpion is inscribed on the tire sidewall to signify the brand and make it stand out. The stiff sidewall shows its true color when a vehicle goes over bumps, providing a firmer ride. You’ll find the tire to be smooth enough on and off the highway. A network of treads and grooves helps remove mud and debris. Additionally, sipes on these mud-terrain tires increase traction even more. The tread depth is also high, and the tire features a unique rubber compound, making it suitable for an average SimpleScore of 8.4.

Cooper Evolution MT tires

Cooper Evolution MT is a tire tough enough to take on not just muddy roads, but also other types of off-road areas. It has a robust design that protects from debris and gravel. If users wish to gain extra winter traction, they can pin this mud-terrain tire with studs. It receives a ply rating of 10, showing tremendous capacity to carry heavy loads. Based on the above, we have awarded the Evolution MT an average SimpleScore of 8.1. As a symmetrical tire, it provides a decent amount of traction on various types of terrain and it can handle an unlimited amount of mud. Expect the Evolution MT to deliver high efficiency at all times. As Cooper Tire is a subsidiary of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., you can be sure the tires will be made from high-quality rubber.

Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Cooper Evolution MT tires on traction

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR presents an aggressive high-void tread and large transversal grooves to get rid of mud and debris, ensuring that a clear section of the tire is always ready for maximum traction. The dense network of sipes here is also responsible for boosting grip, along with a very high tread depth. For its ability to generate traction on sand, gravel, snow, and muddy terrains, the Scorpion MTR is suitable for a phenomenal average traction SimpleScore of 9.6. However, do not expect the Evolution MT to be incapable here, as the traction it offers on dry, icy, and snowy surfaces is tremendous for a mud-terrain tire, thanks to its bold tread pattern. To gain more traction during the winter, it can even be pinned with studs. The grip on offer makes the Evolution MT suitable for an average traction SimpleScore of 7.9.

ADVANTAGE: Pirelli Scorpion MTR

Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Cooper Evolution MT tires on durability

Pirelli Scorpion MTR tires are smooth and comfortable, ensuring a ride that is a mix of soft and hard. The tread depth on offer here is marginally higher than that of the Evolution MT. While the robust design helps it remain strong on different surfaces, the rim guard and reinforced sidewalls ensure high durability. The tire is most suitable for 4x4 vehicles and achieves an average durability SimpleScore of 9.2 and a Q-speed rating. On the other hand, the Cooper Evolution MT shows the durability necessary to stand up to stones, sticks, and off-road debris. While the Scorpion MTR gets an amazing durability SimpleScore of 9.2, the Evolution MT bottoms out at 8.0.

ADVANTAGE: Pirelli Scorpion MTR

Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Cooper Evolution MT tires on longevity

Some of the aspects that make the Pirelli Scorpion MTR last long include its tough internal structure, tread design, and unique tread compound. As mentioned earlier, it is the quality of the rubber and tread compound that matters, as the Scorpion MTR earns an average longevity SimpleScore of 7.6.

While the Evolution MT tires are tougher than the usual light truck tires, their sidewalls are not as tough. The Cooper tires feature an aggressive design and can get noisy at times, but not to a level that feels uncomfortable. The patented Earth Diggers Technology digs into sand, mud, and dirt using large lugs and shoulder scoops, leading to an average longevity SimpleScore of 8.3.

ADVANTAGE: Cooper Evolution MT

When to use each

Both, the Scorpion tires and the Evolution tires fall in the mud-terrain category and therefore, they are intended for traction performance in off-road conditions, such as mud, dirt, gravel, sand, and rocks. They are not Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, and therefore, shouldn’t be used in extreme wintry conditions.

Which one should you choose?

Pirelli is known to make the most expensive tires in a lot of cases, but you may find that the Cooper tire is more expensive for certain sizes. When we compared LT265/75R16, we found the Pirelli Scorpion MTR to be $249.97 ($999.88 for 4) and the Cooper Evolution MT to be $184.96 ($739.84 for 4).

Cooper has the ability to carry heavier loads as it receives a higher load rating. Therefore, to summarise the comparison, you must select the Pirelli Scorpion MTR if:

  • You desire a tougher tire
  • You need ride quality that is a mix of soft and hard
  • You are primarily looking at mud traction

As opposed to the above, here are the reasons to select Cooper Evolution MT:

  • You are looking at more all-terrain traction instead of mud traction’
  • You are keen to buy tires that last longer
  • You wish to get higher winter traction
  • You’re looking at a higher load index

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