Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires

Last updated 6/20/2024 - Originally published 6/20/2024
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Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires

South Korean tire manufacturer Nexen, originally established in 1942, is known to make tires with decent quality levels. Most of the tires are meant for budget-conscious buyers, and the Nexen Roadian MTX is no exception. On the other hand, Giti Tire is responsible for manufacturing GT Radial tires, having been in the business since 1951. Mud-terrain tires are suitable for maximum traction over off-road areas, and both manufacturers have such tires in their portfolio.

Both the Nexen Roadian MTX and GT Radial Komodo MT Plus provide a high amount of off- and on-road traction as symmetrical tires. Expect them both to be rugged as per their uses, and more information will be available below in this Roadian MTX vs. Komodo MT Plus tires comparison. Both tires are strong and feature high ply ratings, which makes them capable of handling tremendous loads.

Nexen Roadian MTX tires

Nexen Roadian MTX

The MTX’s aggressive design makes it suitable for extreme off- and on-road use. A dual sidewall design on each tire enables you to choose the look of your vehicle. Road noise has been minimized with the help of the patented tread block design, and the tire receives an average SimpleScore of 8.2. A large number of sizes are available for this tire, and it is suited for both SUVs and light trucks. A strong ply design increases durability, and although the tread depth is very high here, it falls slightly short of that of the Komodo MT Plus.

GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires

GT Radial Komodo MT Plus

You can expect a high degree of handling, control, and traction on rocky and mud terrain from the Komodo MT Plus. It is a rugged mud-terrain tire with a high amount of chip and cut resistance, thanks to rim protectors within the sidewall. For off-road conditions, it features a strong attachment to the rim flange. This is a tire designed to handle a tremendous amount of abuse in the most demanding off-road areas. Zigzag tread blocks and other features protect the tire’s casing here. As per its features, the GT Radial Komodo MT Plus scores an 8.2 as its average SimpleScore.

Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires on traction

For the Roadian MTX, the aggressive tread design provides tremendous traction over different surfaces, both in on- and off-road regions. By using these tires, owners will not have to change their tires after driving through trails. The sipes on the tread blocks are most helpful in ensuring hassle-free drives through rain and mud. In comparison, there are zigzag grooves on the Komodo MT Plus for generating grip on difficult terrain. You can expect it to have an aggressive design as well, and stone ejectors enable the removal of mud, stones, rocks, and other debris for consistent traction. In terms of average traction SimpleScores, the Roadian MTX gets an 8.1, and the Komodo MT Plus is worthy of an 8.0.

ADVANTAGE: Nexen Roadian MTX

Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires on durability

Both tires feature 10-ply ratings, which means there is very little difference in terms of load-carrying capacity. While the Roadian MTX features a 3-ply design for high durability and an F-Load weight rating for heavy hauling capabilities, a full nylon cap ply is available to reinforce steel belts on the Komodo MT Plus and resist damage for high durability. Expect the Roadian MTX to be good enough for an average durability SimpleScore of 8.2. In comparison, the Komodo MT Plus has been also designed tough but secures a SimpleScore of 8.0.

ADVANTAGE: Nexen Roadian MTX

Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires on longevity

Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires

Although both the Nexen Roadian MTX and the GT Radial Komodo MT Plus have high tread depths, the latter edges its nose marginally in front. Remember to keep both tires rotated, for them to last long. Both tires are meant for rugged use, with the Komodo MT Plus featuring rim protectors in the sidewall to protect the tire and the wheel. There is also a tough casing on the Komodo MT Plus for resisting punctures, scuffs, and cuts. While the Roadian MTX gets an average longevity SimpleScore of 8,5, the Komodo MT Plus is suitable for 8.7.

ADVANTAGE: GT Radial Komodo MT Plus

When to use each

During our mud tests, we found the Nexen Roadian MTX to be a highly capable off-roader, being able to sail through the harshest of conditions. The sturdiness and durability are appreciable for a mud-terrain tire in this case. That being said, the GT Radial Komodo MT Plus has a lot going for it in terms of damage protection. The casing on this tire is solid and can protect it in all sorts of weather conditions, and the unique tread design here reduces irregular wear.

Which one should you choose?

Nexen Roadian MTX vs GT Radial Komodo MT Plus tires

To summarize, you should consider the Nexen Roadian MTX if:

  • You are looking for better traction
  • You want heavy hauling capabilities
  • You want higher tread depth for better performance

On the other hand, it would make sense to select the GT Radial Komodo Plus if:

  • You want the tires to last longer
  • You don’t mind the minor differences in ratings
  • You want self-cleaning properties in the tread

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