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Best tires for Toyota Camry

You’ll see the Toyota Camry practically anywhere you go in the world; since its introduction in the early 80s, literally millions of copies of this compact sedan have been sold worldwide. Now on its tenth generation, the Camry has become a staple on American roads as well, and for good reason; it’s available with a wide range of amenities, it’s comfortable and surprisingly roomy for a compact sedan, and of course it comes with Toyota’s fuel economy and rock-solid dependability. Have a look at some of our suggestions for tires for your Camry.

Toyota Camry Tire Line Recommendations

On a budget and looking for a quality tire for your Camry? Look no farther than the Kumho Sense KR26. The Kumho Sense features an all-season tread compound and symmetric tread design for year-round performance; notched shoulders and multiple lateral grooves help move water away from the tire footprint. Kumho’s Full Depth Sipe System means biting edges for wet roads and light snow; internally, the Sense features twin steel belts and spiral-wrapped nylon, as well as light weight for low rolling resistance and enhanced fuel economy.

Another affordable all-season standard touring tire for the Camry is the Fuzion Touring, with a T-speed rating, a silica-enhanced tread compound and symmetrical tread pattern with notched shoulders and intermediate ribs. The circumferential grooves evacuate water from the tire footprint for wet-weather traction; under the tread, the tire’s structure features twin high-tensile steel belts and a polyester casing for long wear and ride quality.

Get long wear and Michelin quality with the Michelin Defender, a standard touring all-season tire that’s ideal for small sedans, minivans and crossovers. Michelin designed the Defender with Green-X technology for low rolling resistance and enhanced fuel economy; the silica-based all-season tread compound is molded into a mildly asymmetric tread pattern, with Michelin IntelliSipe Technology for wet-weather traction. Four circumferential grooves and hundreds of lateral grooves move water out from under the tire’s footprint to cut the tendency toward hydroplaning. Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction balances the tire’s stresses and loads for an optimized footprint; the end result is a long-wearing tire with predictable handling and a smooth, quiet ride.

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