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You probably bought your hatchback because you needed a little extra cargo space. That tells us here at that you do a lot of driving for a lot of different reasons. Whether it's your daily trip to work or long road trips, you need hatchback tires that can get you and all of your cargo to your destination safely.

At, we don't want you to just buy tires. We want you to become educated about the best hatchback tires so that you can rest assured that you're getting exactly what you want and need. Below, you'll find descriptions of the different types of tires that can fit on your hatchback. Each category performs well in particular circumstances, which is why it's important to know what kind of driving you plan on doing in your hatchback.

Hatchback Passenger & Touring Tires

Don't just get from point A to point B, get there safely and comfortably. With passenger tires and touring tires, that will be a breeze. These tires are great for commuters and for road trippers. They will give you the traction and braking ability you need while making sure your ride is as quiet and smooth as possible. If you want to get a greater level of performance within the passenger tire category, look to touring tires by manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, and Goodyear.

Hatchback Performance Tires

Owning a sports hatchback demands having the best hatchback tires to match. Hatchbacks like the Audi TT Hatchback, BMW 5-Series Hatchback, and Honda CR-Z are designed to give you a highly tuned driving experience.

Performance tires from manufacturers including Pirelli and Yokohama will allow you to take advantage of your hatchback's full potential. Any tires less equipped than performance tires will prevent you from getting professional-level performance from your hatchback. Performance tires are designed to grip the road at high speeds and deliver crisp handling in tight turns.

Hatchback Low Rolling Resistance Tires

If you drive a hybrid hatchback, a diesel hatchback, or any other fuel-efficient hatchback, you can amp up the eco-friendliness with a set of low rolling resistance tires. These green tires make it easier for your vehicle to accelerate and maintain speeds so that it burns less fuel. Many of these tires are also made using compounds with reduced amounts of fossil fuels. Low rolling resistance tires are a great choice for anyone who loves keeping Mother Nature healthy.

Hatchback Winter Tires

Head to any winter sporting event, and you'll see the parking lot packed full of hatchbacks. How did they all get there packed with skis, snowboards, sleds, and all of the other gear that winter demands? By driving through tough winter conditions.

If you're the type of hatchback owner who loves to hit the slopes, go sledding or cross-country ski, or do any other outdoor activity, you'll need a set of the best winter hatchback tires to get you to your destination as safely as possible. Even if you aren't a wintertime outdoor enthusiast, you still need to get to and from work, run to the grocery store, and complete all the tasks that you can't just put on hold because winter has rolled in. Winter tires, like no other tires, will give you traction and handling on roads covered in ice, slush, snow, rain, and anything else winter throws at you.

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  • Volvo C30

With a knowledge of the different types of hatchback tires, choosing which kind is right for you, your driving, and your specific vehicle will be simple.

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