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The weather is gorgeous. The roads are perfect. You have to get out of the house. What do you do?

If you're a convertible owner, our guess is you put the top down and go for a ride. Nothing can beat a spin in a convertible; enjoying the open air and the smooth, quiet ride. When the top is down on your convertible, you expect to hear the whoosh of the wind and the sounds of your surroundings. To make sure that's all you hear, choosing the best convertible tires for your car and finding the right set of replacement tires is important.

Convertible sedans and coupes are equipped with different types of tires depending on their capabilities.

Convertible Passenger & Touring Tires

Passenger and touring tires for convertibles provide a comfortable and smooth ride. This is a great fit for convertibles since passenger and touring tires are also quiet. This type of tires is often designed to provide stability, handling, cornering, and traction. You can count on passenger and touring convertible tires to last a while, too, as many of them have extended treadwear warranties.

The all-season tires in this group will help you enjoy your convertible even if you have to put the top up thanks to rain and light snow.

Convertible Performance Tires

If you have a powerful engine under the hood of your convertible, you may need the best convertible performance tires. Performance tires were designed to hold up against the higher speeds and handling demands of performance convertibles. Performance tires are made of materials that help provide added traction. The tread patterns hug corners and handle straightaways for an impressive driving experience. Higher performance also means added safety.

Convertible Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Low rolling resistance tires can help your convertible be more fuel-efficient. If you like to take long road trips, you may want to consider this type of tire. Low rolling resistance tires reduce the amount of energy your convertible needs to move forward. This means that you can stretch each gallon of fuel a little further. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint or about how much money you spend on gas, low rolling resistance tires may be the right fit for your convertible.

For the environmentally-conscious convertible driver, many low rolling resistance convertible tires are also partially made of non-petroleum materials. This reduces the overall amount of carbon material needed to make the tire.

Convertible Winter Tires

If you drive your convertible during the wintertime, we hope you keep the top up. More so, we hope you seriously consider getting winter tires. Winter tires grip the road through cold, ice, snow, and slush. This gives your convertible increased traction so you can drive more safely. Winter tires should only be used in cold weather when temperatures are consistently below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you just can't bear to put your convertible away for the winter (and we know you can't), browse our descriptions of winter tires to find the best convertible tires for you for the winter season.

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