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    Searching for quality tires that offer an appealing price and gratifying performance for your SUV or crossover? If so, you should look at the mid-range Zeetex SU5000 Max, intended to be used in the summer to handle both damp and dry surfaces. These UHP tires are made with a long service life in mind in addition to reliability and economy of travel and their asymmetrical treads handle changing weather conditions quite well. It is the deep circumferential grooves that protect against aquaplaning, or slipping, following precipitation. To keep the tire in contact with the road and provide the driver complete control over the track, they effectively drain water from beneath the front of the tire. Other than the traction and performance, this is also a highly affordable tire with a great fuel economy, thereby enabling you to cover long distances.

    Zeetex is a dominant player in the replacement tire market with innovative tread patterns and silica-based rubber compounds, and this V-rated tire with an average SimpleScore of 7.8 does not disappoint. Find out more about it through this Zeetex SU5000 Max review.

    Features and Benefits

    The Zeetex 5000 Max is a highly suitable tire for a premium SUV, as it presents striking aesthetics for a unique appearance. The deep circumferential grooves give confidence during the rains as they prevent vehicles from sliding in the wet. We found them to be very quiet during the test for the Zeetex SU5000 Max tire review, and this was due to the modern sipe. Given below are more features and benefits that indicate the tire’s capabilities:

    • Good dry and wet traction- Four major grooves are available for removing water and providing hydroplaning resistance, leading to good wet traction. Similarly, wide ribs ensure more contact area for good dry traction, allowing us to award 7.3 as the average traction SimpleScore.
    • Looks sporty- Being a performance-oriented tire, it is great that the tires look sporty as well, making your SUV, CUV, or sedan stand out.
    • Comfortable and quiet- A modern sipe is responsible for a comfortable and quiet ride here.
    • Good performance- Wide ribs increase the contact area with the road and ensure that this V-rated tire delivers good performance, enabling us to award 7.9 as the average handling SimpleScore. The asymmetric tread pattern is also helpful in enhancing cornering ability.
    • Long life- A tread depth of 11/32 means that this tire exhibits a long tread life, allowing us to award 8.4 as the average longevity SimpleScore.

    Pros and Cons

    If you’re looking for an affordable tire that enables your SUV to go fast and also reduces trips to the fuel pump, you’re in luck. The Zeetex SU5000 Max is built for the above and also provides great cornering stability. You may not have heard much about this brand that belongs to Zafco International, but feel free to trust us about it. Further, the pros and cons below will help you make a purchase decision:


    • Asymmetric tread pattern increases traction and performance
    • High-speed rating for better performance
    • Good cornering ability
    • Great fuel efficiency
    • Can carry reasonably heavy loads
    • Long tread life
    • Silent and comfortable
    • Available in many tire sizes


    • Should not be used when temperatures are consistently below 45 degrees
    • No limited manufacturer tread life warranty
    • Only available for SUVs

    SimpleTire’s view on Zeetex SU5000 Max tires

    The Zeetex SU5000 Max is a modern SUV tire designed to provide great performance and a quiet ride. The tire looks attractive on a premium SUV due to its sporty appearance and receives wide ribs to provide a large area for road contact. Compared to the American Roadstar Sport AS and Laufenn S FIT EQ+LK01, it is a more affordable tire that fits into every budget. Drivers would love to emerge aggressively from corners with their vehicles fitted with these tires. To ensure that there’s adequate traction in the wet, four wide grooves are present on this asymmetric tire. The modern sipe style leads to a comfortable drive and leads to a high Zeetex SU5000 Max rating.

    Since the cost of replacement is low, you’ll not have to worry about using these tires. Being smooth, you can expect them to return a great fuel economy. Lastly, the Zeetex SU5000 Max is not just about performance and traction, but also a long tread life.

    Vehicles the Zeetex SU5000 Max is a good replacement tire for

    Zeetex is a leader in the replacement tire industry and several vehicles can be fitted with its tires. Zeetex SU5000 Max has been built for premium and luxury CUVs and SUVs, as visible from the vehicles below that can fit it as a replacement tire:

    • Buick Encore
    • Chrysler Sebring
    • Jeep Compass
    • Fiat 500X
    • Mazda CX-30
    • Audi Q3
    • GMC Terrain
    • Mercedes-Benz GLA35 AMG
    • Toyota Sienna
    • Volvo V90 Cross Country
    • Chevrolet Colorado
    • Ford Explorer
    • Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    • Lincoln Aviator
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