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Verified Customer

I drive 315000 ml on tires I have left around 2/32 on tread but I never have problems with this tire pressure maintenance 105psi ,winter...

Nic-Lane Trucking
Verified Customer
Aug 15, 2017

We have been very happy with our tires. They were easy to order, delivered when they were supposed to and have been running well. We wi...

Flave Spencer
Verified Customer

Very happy so far .

Esther Santana
Verified Customer

I purchased the tires for my OTR truck and they worked great. I would definitely buy again.

John Beck
Verified Customer

I still have 7 to 8/32 left on these tires and am fixin to buy another set as these are really good in the mud , snow and sand. We pull E...

Verified Customer
Dean Jimenez
Verified Customer
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Get technical:

The powerful TY517 drive axle tire delivers outstanding traction, superior durability, and even wear to long haul regional and highway operations. Utilizing STEM-2 technology to redirect destructive stress forces, this tire delivers extended casing life and optimized retreadability and durability, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Featuring a strong, durable shoulder block, the TY517 ensures even wear on all types of 2- and 3-axle trucks and tractors. Its center-shaped groove promotes stone ejection, reducing damage for improved casing life and retreadability. Extra wide V-shaped grooves promote water evacuation, lateral stability and long, even wear on tread.


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