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Steve Hostetler
Verified Customer
Feb 2, 2017

I have been very happy with these tires, and will definitely buy them again. I pull a dump trailer regionally and I typically gross betw...

Steve Hostetler
Verified Customer
Feb 2, 2017

I really like these tires, I typically load 80000-88000 Lb's in a dump trailer with two to three loads per day. I'll be able to get 17000...

Verified Customer
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Get technical:

An advanced drive tire with exceptional attention paid to the innovations of Z.environment technology, the 703ZL features the deepest tread of any other line haul drive tire in its class. At a full inch, the 703ZL is a more dependable longer lasting tire. The extra depth ensures longer tread wear and combined with stronger more pliable rubber, rolling resistance is greatly reduced, increasing fuel-efficiency and decreasing surface heat during normal usage. Advancements in rubber wear prediction allow 703ZL tires to adjust as needed to stabilize and increase durability of tires.


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