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Mike Chapman
Verified Customer
Jan 1, 2019

Bought these new 3 years ago. The sidewalls are cracking. Tread life is good. Tires are not good value for the money. Basically a throwaw...

Verified Customer
Jon Murphy
Verified Customer
Sep 1, 2017
Verified Customer

Seem to be great for our trailer. Great shipping. Probably buy from simple tire again.

Verified Customer

We were told that these were upgrades on our new 5th wheel. I am religious about checking tire pressure, yet around 4,000 miles and we’...

Russell Hartley
Verified Customer

i have them on my 5 wheel and two have lost there tread in 4000 miles

would I buy them again is questionable

Valerie Collier
Verified Customer

Lost tread on two of our tires within a month. Tire were two years old, less than 3100 miles. Have heard others complain of losing trea...

Stan Pollard
Verified Customer

I ordered 1 tire, they sent me and charged me for 4 tires. It showed a corrected invoice changing from 1 to 4 tires, stating I must chang...

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