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Dura-Life I-1

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    Get technical:

    The Titan Dura-Life I-1 is an original equipment tire specially designed for drivers who want stability and excellent treadwear. Ideal for farm implement, tanks, wagons, carts, and other pull behind vehicles, the Titan Dura-Life I-1 gives you the durability, versatility, and quality that you need to handle a wide range of tasks in the farm. It features a multi-rib design which makes gives it excellent stability and flotation capabilities. The stability prevents your equipment from falling on the side while the high-flotation prevents the tire from sinking onto loose soil. Despite its high-flotation, the Titan Dura-Life I-1 can still carry heavy loads while making sure that the ground beneath is not damaged. This is especially useful when driving on loose surfaces such as mud, sand, and wet soil. And because the wide ribs have good ground contact, weight is distributed evenly throughout the tire helping it wear slower and longer.