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mark barger
Verified Customer

A very good all around tire. I average at least 100,000 miles with these tires. Not as good in the snow as a Toyo, but when compared to t...

Ray Moore
Verified Customer
Jun 8, 2018

I operate a fleet of Transit buses and the drivers have informed me that these tires handle well in all conditions. The vehicle that has...

David Austin
1996 Dodge Ram 2500 4x2 Reg. Cab (GVWR 8800)
Verified Customer
Oct 31, 2013

So far these seam to be great tires! Tire size 245R7019.5

Sheila Howard
Verified Customer
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Get technical:

The drive axle Sumitomo ST918 tire is engineered for rough metro environments. Its all-weather tread design features radical shoulder ribs that stabilize tread. During dry or wet maneuvers, the center island tread elements enhance traction while special reinforcing bridges improve stability and minimize wear. The multi-phase shift tread design ensures quieter rides and the steel casing improves tire stability. In wet conditions, the grooves disperse water to improve safety.


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