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Founded in 2003, Solidway Tires is owned by Wendeng Sanfeng Tyre Co., Ltd. Solidway manufactures tires for tractors, trailers, industrial equipment, and even aircrafta. Solidway also retreads tires for civil engineering vehicles. With its expertise in manufacturing affordable, durable, and high-quality tires, Solidway has earned a reputation in the global tire markets, especially in the Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

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The Solidway R4-B







The Solidway R4-B is a farm tire that is designed for use on tractor and other agricultural vehicles. With a specialized tread pattern and strong rubber compound, the R4-B provides traction on various terrains. In addition, the R4-B is built with a robust structure that boosts heavy-duty performance and load-carrying capacity.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use on tractors and other agricultural vehicles
  • Angled lug pattern provides performance on soft, loose, and uneven surfaces
  • Large tread elements with extra biting edges enhance grip
  • All-season rubber compound keeps the rubber flexible in summer and winter temperatures
  • Robust structure improves heavy-duty performance and load-carrying capacity

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