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Samson Advance Solid Super OB-502 Standard



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    Designed for use in industrial applications such as mining and others, the Samson Advance Solid Super OB-502 Standard features high tensile beads and superior rubber compounds that extend its service life, improve its wear resistance, and promote even wear. While the square profile increases its footprint, reduces heat buildup, and provides low rolling resistance, the superior rubber polymers of the Advance Solid Super OB-502 Standard improve wear resistance and enhance its ability to perform in severe environments.

    Features & Benefits

    • Superior rubber compound enhances wear resistance
    • Tough structure to withstand challenging environments
    • Square tire profile for low ground pressure and enhanced stability
    • Special silica-based rubber compounds provide low rolling resistance and reduce heat generation for a longer tread life
    • High tensile steel beads improve longevity

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