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Sailun S757


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Designed for line-haul and freight trucks, the Sailun S757 is engineered for optimum traction and impressive mileage thanks to its extra-wide central patch and solid shoulders that also improve stability and handling. A lug tread pattern and siping improves grip, and the S757's zigzag channels efficiently remove water to avoid the risk of hydroplaning, while a deep tread depth promotes a longer tread life so that drivers get a lower cost per mile.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide footprint improves handling and stability while also promoting even wear for a longer tread life
  • Extensive sipes bite into the road for better traction in wet conditions while also dissipating heat for a longer tread life
  • Tie-bars on external lugs keep the tire rigid to further enhance stability and prevent irregular wear
  • Four zigzag grooves quickly evacuate water from the tread to avoid hydroplaning
  • Built with a deep tread depth that promotes a longer service life so that drivers get a lower cost per mile out of their purchase

Mileage Warranty
Load Index
6614 lbs/6008 lbs (146/143)
Max Speed
75 MPH (L)
Load Range
6614 lbs/6008 lbs (146/143)
Tread Depth
Part Number

S757 ∙ 2 sizes available