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Those who want to conquer adverse territories, whether for necessity or for fun, would benefit greatly by installing RBP Repulsor MT RX tires. These mud terrain tires are specially built for use on light trucks, Jeeps, crossovers, and SUVs and boast of several features to gain maximum traction on muddy terrains. Not only can these tires conquer difficult terrains but also provide great comfort while doing so. To confirm what we’re saying is true, we suggest you go through the RBP Replusor MT RX review in detail.

Features and Benefits

These RBP tires will help improve drivability through loose dirt and deep mud. So, if you’re residing in an area with trails or have to frequently cross such a space, RBP Repulsor MT RX would be ideal for you. To ensure low treadwear over the long term, the tire casing remains protected here due to the high void ratio. Here’s a look at the features that give a high RBP Repulsor MT RX rating each time:

  • Better self-cleaning - An aggressive mud-terrain tread with high void ratio gets rid of debris and mud easily due to self-cleaning properties.
  • Constant road contact - A staggered tread design and open tread blocks are responsible for constant road contact by increasing the tire’s contact patch.
  • Grip in sand, deep mud, and snow - The tire is engineered with wraparound shoulder lugs that provide grip to handle sand, deep mud, or snow.
  • Quieter ride - A computer-tuned tread pattern helps to keep road noise and vibrations to low levels.
  • Available in high sizes - RBP Repulsor MT RX is available in a size as high as 35”, making it suitable for fitment on lifted trucks
  • Can easily carry heavy loads - A ply rating of 10 enables this tire to carry heavy loads easily.

Pros and Cons

For the price it is sold at, this tire provides tremendous value for money. During the RBP Replusor MT RX tire review, we found the ride to be tremendously comfortable despite rough road conditions. Such a tire can ideally be used for several competitive/non-competitive off-road events. Here’s a look at the tire’s pros and cons:


  • Great dry and wet traction due to self-cleaning tread
  • Low treadwear
  • Amazing looks
  • Minimum road noise
  • Tremendous value


  • No limited manufacturer tread life warranty
  • Can be rough on pavements
  • Not the most fuel efficient tire

SimpleTire’s view on RBP Repulsor MT RX tires

The RBP Repulsor MT RX will allow you to drive on difficult muddy and rocky terrains with confidence. These tires ensure that your vehicle maintains contact with the ground forever and keeps you safe at all times. While providing excellent features, this tire is also affordable enough to not burn a hole in your pocket, being more affordable than the Kenda Klever M/T2 KR629 and Radar Renegade R7 M/T. At the same time, you’ll find them to be surprisingly quiet on various terrains. The tires may be manufactured in China but they never fail to disappoint in terms of grip. Remember to not drive with them at very high speeds as these are available with the Q speed rating.

Vehicles the RBP Repulsor MT RX is a good replacement tire for

Grip on loose soils is always difficult to achieve, and a tire able to do this is invariably of high quality. RBP Repulsor MT RX is capable of grip in sleet, rain, snow, and everything else in between. The wide variety of sizes make these tires suitable for different types of vehicles, most of which are light trucks. Some of the vehicles on which these can be replacement tires include:

  • Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab
  • RAM 1500
  • Jeep Wagoneer
  • Lincoln Mark LT
  • Toyota Tundra














10 SimpleTire reviews

Ford F-250 Super Duty 2014 XL 4x2
Verified Customer
Oct 16, 2021

RBP Repulsor MT, 285/65/18. Process was fantastic...Extermely good price, shipped within 2 days, they paired with a local dealer and provided a discount for installation, so the same setup that would have easily been 1500-1700 was @ 1100. So far (2.5 months) wear has been excellent, great grip in mud, rock, dirt, and on highway. Sound is not bad either.

Ford F-250 Super Duty 2014 XL 4x2
Verified Customer
Jun 6, 2021

Have only had these tires for a month. Love the look, and have had many compliments. A little rough on pavement, but excellent on mud, dirt roads, and rock. Unable to comment on treadware/longevity or winter conditions. Noise is much quieter than I thought.

Verified Customer
Jan 3, 2021

I live in upstate New York and during the summer time these tires are phenomenal for on road and off road use they clean themselves out pretty good when you're in some deep mud and they go like a bastard even if it has been raining and or the ground is wet. The only problem I have with them is the winter time I drive a 2011 Chevy 2500hd crew cab short box and if there's 2-3" of powder on the roads they suck dick unless you put it in 4 wheel drive and even then if you have more than 3" you can still feel yourself losing traction. Now on to tread ware they are amazing I drove 20 miles until they were bald and the only reason I didn't rotate them was because I was out of alignment and I had aftermarket rims so the machines in town at the garages couldn't realign the truck but I just got a new pair this winter and I'm running them right now.

Verified Customer
Sep 16, 2020

Really impressed with the highway performance on snow. Good traction pulling my 40ft 5th wheel off road.

Verified Customer
Aug 15, 2020

Amazing tires unbelievable thickness. I'm so amazed at the way they handle on all weather situations extremely glad to buy these tires. Will recommend to anyone, Great store and fast shipping!!!

Verified Customer
Jun 15, 2020

Verified Customer
Jun 15, 2020

Excellent tires truly amazing. They make my truck look and feel so good everyone gives me compliments all the time. In Wet roads they handle super good. very please with my tires would highly recommend them !

Verified Customer
Apr 29, 2020

Over all great tires and fast shipping only issue I have is one outta the four wasnt completely round and didnt balance really well

Verified Customer
Dec 17, 2019

2010 Silverado, with bilstien level and some power upgrades. I have experience in several different forms of racing and I am very critical of tires. I have used many different brands/tires designs on my trucks over the years. I drive fast. I have used the tires for approximately 20,000 miles now. I am in N.M. now and have used these in everything, mud, clay mud, sand, rocks, snow, rain, high heat, a lot of fast rocky/dirt roads, two lanes and highway. Overall these are very good. They were noisy [they are still louder in hot weather as are most tires of this type] and a bit rough on pavement for the first 3-4000 miles then improved. One tire still has a small vibration when rotated to a front position, I have not had it re balanced. Tire wear is very good for this type of tire, my driving and the surfaces I drive on. For me they have been very good and I will be buying them again.

Verified Customer
Aug 24, 2019

Wish I would have spent the extra money for something better