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Radar Tires is a design-driven company that provides everyone with performance, and sustainability. These tires, which are sold in more than 50 countries, provide a large variety of patterns, fitments, and performance characteristics. Their goal is to make quality tires accessible to all.

They offer fitments that are designed and built to combine technology with viability. As a result, Omni United, the parent company of Radar, Patriot, American Tourer, and Roadlux, has made Radar Tires its signature tire brand.

The Radar Renegade R7 M/T is a mud-terrain tire that is designed for use on light trucks, SUVs, and vehicles with lift-kits. These tires have technologies that reduce tire deterioration and provide long-lasting performance.

However, is it the best tire for your vehicle and your budget? Let's take a look at a Radar Renegade R7 M/T review to see if it's the right tire for you.

Features and Benefits

An explorer requires tires that are specifically designed for off-road operations such as digging through rocks, dirt, mud, and sludge. Mud-terrain tires are designed for extreme off-road conditions. If you regularly drive your vehicle off-road, learning the features and benefits of this mud-terrain tire, Radar Renegade R7 M/T will be beneficial.

  • Better mud-terrain traction: Enhanced off-road traction is its main feature. Large, staggered tread blocks, open shoulders, an ideal sidewall pattern, and wide grooves characterize the tread design. Additionally, they collaborate to improve the ability to grip soft, loose, and uneven ground. Open shoulders and sidewall pattern allow the tire to travel forward in deep mud and loose soil. Above all, a continually clean footprint ensures traction all year.
  • Enhanced all-season traction: Both the tread pattern and rubber compound work together to improve dry, wet, and light winter weather grip. The tread's siping detail and huge blocks provide a firm hold on the terrain surface even in cold temperatures, and the durable composition retains its rubber flexibility all year. Self-cleaning feature keeps the footprint clean boostin the traction even in light winter weather conditions.
  • Great controllability: An optimum tread pattern expands the tire's footprint, providing a larger terrain surface contact area. Increased contact area improves the tire's controllability, which improves steering responsiveness and driving stability. As a result, the model responds to the driver's steering instructions faster and more accurately. While also stabilizing the structure against the driving pressure, the larger tread area also improves braking performance. This shortens braking distance.
  • Longer lasting tread life: The Renegade R7 M/T was built with a tough rubber compound that extends the tread life. This more durable compound is wear-resistant, which significantly reduces tread wear. A longer tread life means a longer service life. Additionally, the tire's tougher casing structure protects the tire from damage that’s commonly caused by off-road driving. Increased amount of biting edges hold the road surface during braking, increasing durability. In order to ensure a better driving experience, the reinforced internal structure also helps to stop cuts and punctures from deflating the tire.
  • Self-cleaning tread design: Tread has unique stone-ejecting ribs and knobs that are situated at the bottom of the shoulder and center grooves. Stone ejecting capability removes boulders and disperses dirt and snow that have become lodged between the tread components. By ejecting rocks wedged between the tread sections, these features prevent stone retention from harming the casing.

Pros and Cons

So, is it a good fit for your light trucks, or SUVs? Before giving our final opinion, let's first look at its Pros and Cons:

  • Aggressive tread pattern to improve off-road traction
  • All-season tread pattern to boost traction in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions.
  • High-void ratio and an open shoulder design to boost the off-road traction
  • Reinforced 3-ply casing construction to prevent damage
  • A broad footprint and a unique tread compound for confident braking
  • Symmetric tread pattern improves the tire’s performance on certain surfaces.
  • Cutting-edge stone ejector technology to stop stone retention.

Despite these benefits and advantages, the Radar Renegade R7 M/T tire could be improved in a few areas, such as:

  • A bit noisy
  • There is no tread life warranty
  • Tread life could be improved

SimpleTire’s view on Radar Renegade R7 M/T tires

If you're looking for a distinctive, affordable mud-terrain tire, the Radar Renegade R7 M/T is a great option. When compared to the Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn and the Kenda Klever M/T2 KR629, the Radar Renegade R7 M/T offers good traction, handling, and performance.

The Radar Renegade R7 M/T offers performance comparable to that of the Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn and the Kenda Klever M/T2 KR629 at a lower cost than those tires, despite the fact that it does not come with a mileage warranty. Due to its reasonable price and reliable performance, the Radar Renegade R7 M/T is a good option for a mud-terrain tire.

Vehicles the Radar Renegade R7 M/T is a good replacement tire for

Even though it is not used as original equipment, the Radar Renegade R7 M/T is a great replacement tire for vehicles like the Ford F-350, GMC Sierra, Ram 1500, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Silverado.














8 SimpleTire reviews

RAM 1500 2021 Limited
Verified Customer
Jul 19, 2022

This is a bada$$ looking tire!!! My three year old loves the skulls (so do I). The sidewall has a nice lip to protect my wheels. They are a little louder than I expected from the reviews, but it IS a mud tire. The true test will be driving in the snow in Pennsylvania. I hope it handles the snow better than the wet. Time will tell. The wet traction laterally and straight is absolutely atrocious and dangerous!!! Did I mention this is a serious looking tire on my truck??? I would consider buying the AT PRO when it is available in my size. Oh yeah... this tire looks soooo tough!!!

Toyota Tacoma 2004 4x4 Xtracab
Verified Customer
Apr 30, 2021

Tires are made for a lightweight vehicle. I've been running them on a Tacoma. Great price,durability,and performance!

Verified Customer
Jan 4, 2021

Terrible tire for the price. Started the year with 5 new tires. Punctured a sidewall on a branch while off-road (1 down). Picked up a nail in another and was unable to plug because of the steel belts (2 down). Broken belt in another. Terrible performance in the snow. Tread wear is just awful. Need to replace all but 2 tires and have only had them since February.

Verified Customer
Nov 10, 2020

Very poor tire for the price they are garbage in the rain on a 14 silverado 1500. I got them 9 months ago and already almost smooth.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2005 4x4
Verified Customer
Oct 5, 2020

Louder not terrible going down road no issues would definitely buy again

Verified Customer
Sep 10, 2020

They're junk. Busted belts in 3 out of 5 tires. Prob 4 out of 5

Verified Customer
Aug 6, 2020

Excellent tire all around.Not only looks great but it rides good..Great material and resistant.

Verified Customer
Apr 5, 2020

I would not recommend these tires. Sitting still they look good on my f150. Going down the road it feels like the wheels are going to fall off. Have balanced multiple times and tried balance beads and has not resolved the issue. I have maybe 5000 miles on these tires and looking at a different set due to the vibrations. Also they are very loud going down the road.