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The Pirelli Scorpion STR strikes the perfect balance between supreme on-road and light off-road performance, providing a mixture of light off-road capability with Pirelli’s legendary on-road capabilities. This Italian tire is an amazing option for off-road vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs as it was built to meet the stringent criteria imposed by numerous vehicle OEMs in the US and around the world. Coupled with a superior manufacturer tread life warranty, this tire becomes an unbeatable buy in its segment. Let’s take a look at the various features of this tire in this Pirelli Scorpion STR review.

Features and Benefits

As an all-season light truck tire, the Pirelli Scorpion STR is built for comfort on and off the road. STR stands for Stability Traction and Ratings, all three of which are high on this tire. Here is a look at the features and benefits that give a high Pirelli Scorpion STR rating:

  • Comfortable driving experience - The Scorpion STR utilizes a continuous center rib, which helps deliver a comfortable experience on the road and off it.
  • Enhanced traction - The special rubber compound is responsible for excellent handling, steering, traction, and braking.
  • 65,000 mile warranty - A limited manufacturer tread life warranty of 65,000 miles is the best feature of this tire.
  • All-season performance with some off-road capabilities - The Scorpion STR features an all-season rubber compound plus a slightly aggressive tread pattern. This means drivers can expect moderate off-roading ability from this all-season tire.
  • Quieter ride on paved roads - Narrow grooves between independent tread blocks lower road noises and vibrations, resulting in a quieter ride on paved roads

Pros and Cons

It is hard to think of too many cons when it comes to Pirelli tires, whether the Scorpion STR or any other tire. People all over the world are supremely happy with tread life and performance from them. At the same time, they also feel super comfortable while inside their respective vehicles, especially with the Scorpion STR. Here’s a look at its pros and cons:


  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Great handling and traction
  • Great hydroplaning resistance
  • Low tread wear
  • Easy to balance
  • Backed by a 65,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy off-roading
  • Can be expensive
  • Not the best in moderate to severe winter weather conditions

SimpleTire’s view on Pirelli Scorpion STR tires

For drivers who do not wish to invest in extra tires for their SUVs or light trucks to perform on trails and other moderate off-road terrains, the Pirelli Scorpion STR is an excellent tire. The Pirelli label, service, and the limited tread life warranty make owners feel delighted to own them. Even though you pay a higher price for them, you get complete peace of mind and excellent services from Pirelli. Use the tires to handle moderate off-road terrains and regular highway use; do not expect them to offer traction on heavy snow. Despite being used for several miles, these tires often continue to look and perform like new. So, after reading this Pirelli Scorpion STR tire review, we’re quite sure you’re feeling confident enough of purchasing them, aren’t you?

Vehicles the Pirelli Scorpion STR is an OEM tire for

Few tires are used by as many vehicle OEMs as Pirelli. The list of vehicles that come factory-fitted with Pirelli Scorpion STR tires includes:

Vehicles the Pirelli Scorpion STR is a good replacement tire for

Pirelli Scorpion STR has not just made its place in the OEM market. It is equally popular in the replacement tire market as well, as seen from the following SUVs and light trucks:

  • Ford F-150 Lariat
  • Chevrolet Suburban 1500
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • RAM 1500
  • GMC Canyon














25 SimpleTire reviews

Ford Excursion 2001 Limited
Verified Customer
May 12, 2021

Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2008 LT
Verified Customer
May 7, 2021

You know the deal, they're Pirelli tires- near silent, balance easy, and appear like they will live up to their treadwear rating.

Ford F-150 Lariat 2011 4x4
Verified Customer
Apr 12, 2021

Put 4 of these (then blew one, so just put another one on) a 2011 F150. This truck is used for towing trailers (a boat, a car hauler, and a contractor's utility trailer) as well as used in muddy conditions in customer lawns. We switched to this more highway than off road tire due to tire wear, noise and mileage on the aggressive tires and these Pirellis have offered what we were looking for. They ride a lot quieter, the tread lasts much longer so far, and have not noticed much loss of traction in muddy conditions. The biggest difference was the big snowy winter we had, they don't seem to do as well trying to pull a trailer up a hill on pavement in ice and snow, but that might not be fair. All in all, we beat these tires, and probably should have load range E on this truck, but they hold up nice and are great on this contractor's work/pleasure truck

Verified Customer
Sep 16, 2020

Had these tires over a year since July 2019 and they still look brand new! They handle well in the rain and hot summer driving in North Carolina. They are not noisy and the tread life is good. I assume winter traction is good but we don't have snow where I live. I highly recommend these tires.

Verified Customer
Jun 24, 2020

This is my 3rd set for my Ford Edge. They are ery quiet and the handling is excellent

Verified Customer
Sep 27, 2018

Great for pickup trucks, low noise

Verified Customer
Sep 25, 2018

Great tires. Great life on gravel roads. Great price and free shipping.

Verified Customer
Sep 25, 2018

Excellent tire and price. Very good handling and performance on my Land Cruiser. Would highly recommend.

Verified Customer
Sep 25, 2018

Verified Customer
Sep 19, 2018

I got a set of Scorpion STR's when I bought my 4x4 F-250, which had 22,000 miles on it. I don't know how much mileage was on the tires, but I suspect they'd travelled the full 22,000 miles. Like most/all Pirelli's, they have held up really well. The big problem with them is lack of traction, with accompanying poor handling. I've owned a sports car equipped with Pirelli Cinturados, and was very impressed with them on all fronts, especially handling -- but I'm sorry to say the Scorpions do not measure up. On the day that I spun the truck out on only mildly wet pavement, I decided that the Scorpions have got to go (in my Washington State home, we get LOTS of wet pavement, and substantial amounts of mud, but at the lower elevations, very little snow or ice).