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    It becomes necessary to install all-weather tires if you need strong performance and traction in dry, wet, and moderate to severe winter conditions. If you’re planning to drive an SUV or a CUV in one or more of the above conditions, and possibly in cold winters for a few or more months per year, it makes sense to install a tire like Nokian WR G4 SUV. As Nokian tires are engineered in the Nordic region of Finland, buyers can be sure they would have been extensively tested in the severe cold. These tires are made using a special compound that is meant to handle different weather conditions without a drop in performance. Suitable technology is also available to protect it against wounds, chips, and cuts. Buyers of such a tire are likely to expect a limited manufacturer warranty and this tire does not disappoint. Therefore, it would be wise to go through the following Nokian WR G4 SUV review carefully to locate a tire that would make you confident behind the wheel.

    Features and Benefits

    Every Nokian WR G4 SUV tire has the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, indicating its potential to handle confidently in moderate to severe winter conditions. Of course, this is also a tire suitable for driving in various weather conditions throughout the year. It is natural to feel a little skeptical about the warranty and its effectiveness in cold weather, but all the doubts will be laid to rest once you start using them. Let us help you understand this tire better with the following features and benefits:

    • Tremendous grip- This is a tire that showcases excellent grip on slushy, dry, icy, and snowy roads since it has been made by Nordic engineers. Individuals driving on these tires will naturally form a confident lot.
    • Consistent traction- A special Dual Performance SUV compound has been used to make each tire, resulting in consistent traction as temperatures go below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Great warranty- Expect Nokian to provide you with a limited manufacturer treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles with every WR G4 SUV tire.
    • Excellent wet braking- Drivers can expect these tires to brake quickly in wet conditions, enabling them to drive without worries in wet conditions. Coanda Technology is responsible for removing and guiding water away from the Blade Grooves.
    • High strength and durability- Nokian WR G4 SUV features the well-known Aramid Sidewall Technology for ensuring high strength and durability that ensures resistance to wounds, chips, and cuts.
    • Great handling- The speed rating of H enables this tire to handle quick lane changes with ease.

    Pros and Cons

    It is very hard to come up with cons for a tire that has been specially designed for cold winter conditions. The Nokian WR G4 SUV tire review was made on the basis of excellent grip in both freezing temperatures and torrential rains. Only premium winter tires would be better than them in these conditions, so you can use the following pros and cons to make your purchase decision:


    • Confident handling and braking
    • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for driving in moderate to severe cold
    • Flexibility at lower temperatures
    • Backed by a limited manufacturer warranty of 60,000 miles
    • Strong tire with protection from chips and wounds
    • Outstanding traction on icy, slushy and snowy roads


    • May not be suitable when traction in deep snow becomes necessary
    • On the expensive side

    SimpleTire’s view on Nokian WR G4 SUV tires

    Every Nokian tire, including the WR G4 SUV, has been built on the principles of sustainability and reliability. This is a tire that is able to exhibit low rolling resistance, ensuring comfortable rides and great fuel economy. Since it has been made using a Dual Performance SUV compound, the tire remains flexible at lower temperatures, resulting in consistent traction. In terms of wet braking, this is not just an excellent tire among all-weather tires, but among all tires. The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification here is helpful for providing confidence to drivers.

    For those worried about their SUV and CUV tires encountering chips and wounds from time to time, Aramid Sidewall Technology is present. During the test drive, we also found this feature to be one of the greatest reasons for a high Nokian WR G4 SUV rating. The limited manufacturer warranty of 60,000 miles is also helpful in giving confidence to drivers.

    While driving at high speed, you’ll feel confident while performing evasive lane changes if necessary. Overall, we can safely say that the Nokian WR G4 SUV is a premium, energy-efficient tire adept at providing a balance of sharp braking, great handling, and high longevity in all conditions.

    Vehicles the Nokian WR G4 SUV is a good replacement tire for

    It also must be mentioned here that this tire is suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles as well, often resulting in a quiet and enjoyable driving experience. You’ll be able to drive on pavements as well with this tire. When choosing the WR G4 SUV as a replacement tire, the following vehicles can be considered:

    • Audi Q7
    • Subaru Outback
    • Toyota RAV4
    • Buick Enclave
    • GMC Canyon
    • Land Rover Discovery
    • Nissan Rogue
    • Ford Maverick
    • Honda CR-V
    • Jeep Cherokee
    • Lexus RX330
    • Mazda CX-5














    3 SimpleTire reviews

    Honda Passport 2021 Elite
    Verified Customer
    Aug 13, 2022

    I found these tires about 4+ years ago when I started traveling for work. I researched and researched and kept coming back to these WR G4's. I have had them on two different crv's and just bought a pair for my new 2022 Honda Passport Elite HPD. I drove over 30k miles last year on a set of these all over New England and never once had an issue. From 90+ degrees to severe winter storms and torrential down pours. I never once hydroplaned or got stuck. I live in the Adirondack mountains and drive about a 500 miles a week, mostly interstate. These tires do not disappoint. Never had a flat, puncture or issue. Worth every dime and will continue to only by these for my vehicle and my daughters hand me down CRV. I just purchased the Outpost AT for my husband's 2019 GMC 1500 sierra AT4, I'm hoping he loves them as much as I do!

    Honda Civic 2008 EX
    Verified Customer
    May 19, 2022

    I have these tires on a Civic and a CRV. Don't notice any additional noise over previous all-seasons. Takes curves with ease & no squealing! Road water is no concern, and 3 Ohio winters in Civic have not challenged its ice/snow/slush limits. I drove Blizzaks for 28 yrs., and these Nokians are 90-95% as good in winter driving, plus there's no change over 2X a yr.

    Subaru Outback 2017 2.5i
    Verified Customer
    May 27, 2021

    I've only had them about a month, so I haven't experienced their full potential yet, but immediately after getting them installed I felt like I was driving a brand new car all over again. So happy with this choice and many wait to take them on diverse terrain.

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