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    Nokian Tires, based in Nokia, Finland, is the only tire company in the world to have a dedicated winter tire testing facility of its own. With tire manufacturing lineups ranging from all-season, all-terrain, UHP tires, and mud-terrain they deliver quality and performance.

    The Nokian Nordman 7 delivers confident grip and handling whether there’s snow, slush, or ice on the ground. The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification makes it an ideal tire to perform in severe snow conditions. But is the Nordman 7 the right tire for you? Let’s take a look at this Nokian Nordman 7 review.

    Features and Benefits

    Areas that experience ice, slush, and snow with it, make driving difficult, and thus are advised to use a winter tire as they have a deeper tread depth that allows a firm grip keeping the wheel closer to the road while driving on snow and ice. These tires are engineered to perform in extreme temperatures during colder months, plus they are a bit more durable and better on those wet roads than an all-season tire.

    Let’s take a look at the Nokian Nordman 7 tire review to help understand all its features and benefits at a glance:

    • Strong traction: The Air claw technology aids in increased traction in extreme weather conditions.
    • Improved tread wear: This tire is built with an Eco stud system for longer tread life and improved wear.
    • Optimized steering response: The anchor stud offers confident vehicle handling, stable cornering, and braking.
    • Reduced hydroplaning: Nokian wedge-like edges quickly channels water away for a wet grip and resist hydroplaning to provide excellent balance and traction on slippery/icy roads.
    • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified: The Nordman 7 comes with enhanced performance ability to perform in severe snow conditions thanks to its Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification.

    The wheel size ranges from 13-inch to 17-inch which makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of vehicles on roads today.

    Pros and Cons

    The Nokian Nordman 7 maintains balance and delivers superior traction in extreme winter conditions. But is this really what your vehicle needs? Before deciding to buy the tire or not, let’s first drill down a few factors that can help you decide whether or not the tire is right for you.

    • Excellent traction on wet and icy roads
    • Longer tread life
    • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified
    • Better fuel efficiency

    While Nokian makes a good claim about Nordman 7’s performance, some shortcomings may divide opinions.

    • The ride is firmer than its closest premium competitors
    • Cannot be used when temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Tread noise is a slight issue on rough pavement
    • No manufacturer’s warranty

    SimpleTire’s view on Nokian Nordman 7 tires

    Winter tires made by Nokian are known to remain flexible in lower temperatures so that drivers receive consistent grip, and the Nordman 7 does just that for drivers of coupes and sedans. Technologies like Air Claw, Eco Stud system, and wedge-like edges help it perform to its utmost performance for a strong grip in deep snow and slippery wet roads. Nordman 7's has patented stud shapes to optimize acceleration, braking, and cornering performance. Additionally, directional tread design and wide slanting grooves prevent hydroplaning. If you decide to buy a Nokian Nordman 7 tire as a winter tire, you will not be disappointed, unless you are looking for exceptional traction, handling, and tread life, you can consider the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT against this tire at a higher cost.

    Vehicles the Nokian Nordman 7 is a replacement tire for

    Commonly used on passenger vehicles performance cars and crossovers, the Nokian Nordman 7 can be a common replacement tire for vehicles such as AUDI A3, Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Fusion, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Soul, Nissan Altima, Toyota Corolla and more.














    6 SimpleTire reviews

    Mini Cooper 2012 S Hardtop
    Verified Customer
    Feb 19, 2022

    You can climb trees with these tires

    Honda Accord 2015 EX
    Verified Customer
    Jan 25, 2022

    I purchased these snow tires for my Honda Accord. I live in Vermont and after driving a month or so on my all seasons, I knew I needed to have something safer and more durable for the winter weather. The price was great and I had them shipped to Point S in Derby, VT. The staff there was great and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Thank for Nokian for making safe tyres. Kippis!

    Verified Customer
    Dec 7, 2020

    I have only 500 miles on these tires. The noise and ride are slightly worse than the OEM Falken ZIEX ZE001 A/S tires

    Verified Customer
    Mar 29, 2020

    Verified Customer
    Jan 17, 2020

    Has not been much of a winter so far in Western New York, but when it did snow they made it through about a foot of snow at the end of the driveway no problem. I also made a couple of 100 mile trips in the rain. I did not push them as hard as I would have pushed my Continental DWS06 tires, but I did run a pretty steady 65 to 70 mph in the rain. So far totally satisfied with these tires.

    Verified Customer
    Nov 10, 2019

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