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Nitto Tires are an enthusiast tire brand that was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Cypress, CA. Also a member of the Toyo Tire Corporation, Nitto offers a range of light truck, CUV, SUVs, and passenger tires. The brand also offers side-by-side tires that are developed using advanced engineering techniques for the perfect tire.

The Nitto Neo Gen is an ultra-high-performance, all-season tire that’s designed for use on passenger vehicles such as sedans, coupes, SUVs, and CUVs. The tire has several features and benefits that ensures a reliable performance that we will take a look at today. We will also discuss the pros and cons and SimpleTire’s view on the tire in this Nitto Neo Gen tire review.

Features and Benefits

All-season tires are designed for use throughout the year as they offer reliable performance and grip in dry, wet or light winter weather conditions. The tires are designed to be durable and have optimized tread pattern that resists irregular tread wear.

The Nitto Neo Gen is an all-season tire that also offers ultra-high-performance for sports enthusiasts and performance-oriented vehicles. The tire features a silica-reinforced tread compound and asymmetrical, non-directional design that helps provide comfort, performance and peace of mind all-year round. Here are some other noteworthy features and benefits of the tire.

  • Year-round traction: The silica-reinforced tread compound along with asymmetrical design helps ensure year-round traction.
  • Improved wet traction: The deep circumferential grooves work in unison with the three-dimensional tread blocks to improve wet traction and grip.
  • Reduced uneven tread wear: The inner shoulder is designed from a single continuous block that adds stability to reduce tread flex.
  • Enhanced cornering: The large outer shoulder blocks increased surface contact to provide traction when cornering.

Additionally, the Nitto Neo Gen is available in a variety of tire sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches.

Pros and Cons

Now that we know more about the features and benefits of Nitto Neo Gen, let’s also take a look at some of the pros and cons of the tire.

  • All-season tread with ultra-high-performance capabilities.
  • Improved wet traction with circumferential grooves.
  • Improved cornering performance with large outer shoulder blocks.
  • Reduced uneven tread wear with the help of a single continuous block.

While these pros look good, also take a look at these cons.

  • Cannot be used in moderate to heavy winter weather conditions.
  • Ride comfort could have been better and the tire can be noisy.
  • Dry performance can be improved.
  • Is not backed by a limited manufacturer tread life warranty.

SimpleTire’s view on Nitto Neo Gen tires

If you are looking for a set of all-season tires for your performance-oriented and sports vehicle, then you can take a look at the Nitto Neo Gen tires. These tires offer reliable all-year traction with consistent performance and even tread wear for a longer tread life. Designed to deliver performance, Nitto Neo Gen tires are budget friendly and built to perform.

Also, take a look at the Nexen N Fera SU1, if you want better longevity and a limited manufacturer tread life warranty. However, the Neo Gen does offer better durability at a similar price.

Vehicles the Nitto Neo Gen is a good replacement tire for

As Nitto Neo Gen tires are available in a variety of tire sizes, you can use it on a range of vehicles, including 2011 Honda CR-Z, 2015 Scion FR-S, 2006 Maada MX-5 Miata, and more.














32 SimpleTire reviews

Honda CR-Z 2011 EX
Verified Customer
Oct 6, 2022

Bought these tires for my Honda CRZ and the tires legit lasted me less than a month. I've bought cheaper brand tires before and they have never worn out like these. Maybe I got some defective ones but for the front two tires to be bald within a month is crazy.

Honda Civic 1999 EX
Verified Customer
Aug 2, 2022

i drive a 99 civic ex with 205 neo gens and they've been amazing, i hit corners hard, i do burnouts, i bang gears and they've been amazing. The grip when warm is almost scary, and i feel very safe in the rain. for $100 a tire i say go for it!

Scion FR-S 2015 Base
Verified Customer
May 16, 2022

Perfect for summer shenanigans. These are great for for areas that see lots of rain during the spring and summer. It's a summer tire so if course not the best for winter but if the snow comes in early spring, you can confidently drive without too much slip. I have these on my sports car so I have no idea what the comfort rate is or the noise rate. I'm a very spirited driver so typically they last me a season and that's about it.

Volkswagen GTI 2010 Base
Verified Customer
May 15, 2022

Love em!

Mazda MX-5 Miata 2006 Sport
Verified Customer
Oct 17, 2021

Really good all around tires

Thomas Cage
Scion FR-S 2015 Base
Verified Customer
Jun 21, 2021

Very impressive. Purchased for my scion FRS. They are amazing. They hold you in the turns with the large tread that over laps on the curves giving less of a low profile then other performance tires. The rain has 0 rule over the performance of these tires in the wet. I gave them N/A for noise, comfort, and winter as they don't belong on something that is specific to those needs. There are perfect for raceday and some aggressive street if applicable to you. Also can't hear much over the car so would know if they were quite hahaha. Great tire ?????

Volkswagen Jetta 2002 GL
Verified Customer
May 10, 2021

Volkswagen Jetta 2002 GL
Verified Customer
May 10, 2021

BMW 335i xDrive 2011 Sedan w/Sport Pkg. Front
Verified Customer
Jan 30, 2021

Tires are great ?. Live in PA an deal with snow all the time. These have performed excellent so far! Had pry 14inch last big snow an plowed snow over the hood an never got stuck. Deff would recommend!

Verified Customer
Aug 20, 2020

Great high performance summer tire for the price!