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Verified Customer
Apr 1, 2016

These are the best tires I have ever owned. They are amazing for the price and lasted will over 50k. In that time they never needed air e...

Verified Customer

2009 Ford F150 SuperCrew 4X4. The Nitto Crossteks have served me very well. Here in Missouri we have had a couple of very deep snows in...

Stephanie Philpot
Verified Customer
Apr 30, 2015

Best tires I've found so far that have a great smooth ride, little to no noise, and have a nice long tread life. Pricing on them are real...

Les Stickell
Verified Customer

I have had a set of these Nitto Crosstek tires on my 2012 Toyota Tacoma for 3 years. I currently have put 102,000 miles on these set of t...

Verified Customer

I have had these on my truck for 4 years and 52k miles. The traction is good on most surfaces. Most of my driving is on the pavement but...

Verified Customer
Verified Customer

Took my MDX in for service this weekend, and (no surprise) was told I needed new tires. After going back through my service records, I wa...

Verified Customer

Have ran GY and FS on 2007 Dodge 1500, these tires (although have semi-knobby tread) are just as quiet as "touring" tires but with visibl...

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Get technical:

The Nitto Crosstek tires for SUVs and light trucks are manufactured using automated technology that uses jointless construction. This technology minimizes weight imbalance for more uniform and balanced tires. These performance tires feature an asymmetrical ribbed tread pattern that provides on and off-road grip. Four circumferential grooves disperse water and slush for better traction and steering response. The robust construction ensures durability on all season for reliable performance