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Believe it or not, several Asian companies such as Nexen have started giving serious competition to top tire brands like Bridgestone and Goodyear. Nexen was recognized as the premier Korean tire company in 1956 and was originally established as Heung-A Tire Company in 1942. With high quality manufacturing and development capabilities, it is now able to supply tires to many countries such as the US. In this Nexen Winguard Winspike review, we’ll tell you whether you should buy this tire or not for SUVs, light trucks, and commercial vans.

Features and Benefits

Winter is not particularly far away and if you want to get great prices on winter tires while saving yourself from the last-minute madness, consider purchasing a good quality tire. During the Nexen Winguard Winspike tire review, we found the tire to be capable of handling snow, ice, slush, and wet conditions with the same confidence. To know how drivers are able to extract consistent traction from it, read the following features and benefits:

  • Grips in heavy snow through studs- The Nexen Winguard Winspike is a studdable tire which can be pinned using TSMI #15 studs for best traction on ice and snow-covered surfaces.
  • Extra grip- Zigzag grooves in the tread pattern bite into snow easily for superior winter traction.
  • Available warranty- Apart from the 30,000 mile limited warranty, it also comes with Nexen’s total Coverage Warranty which includes 36 months of Roadside Assistance.
  • Best performance- A directional, V-shaped tread pattern enables light truck and commercial van drivers to get maximum traction on icy and slushy roads.
  • Handles severe winter conditions- This tire is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified for handling moderate to severe winters.
  • Remains silent- 12 multi-random stud lines keep the noise levels down to a minimum for passengers and drivers to remain comfortable over long distances.
  • Handles bumps well- It softens the ride while smoothly moving over bumps.
  • Easy to steer- These tires make it easy to steer over snow.

Pros and Cons

The Nexen Winguard Winspike is a great tire for its price, offering high levels of comfort and grip. Commercial van drivers find these tires to be very reasonably priced and durable, considering how far they travel. Get these tires fitted if you want to improve your ride in the cold. The following pros and cons will prove to be useful:


  • Short braking distances
  • Good handling
  • Backed by a 30,000 mile limited manufacturer warranty
  • Comfortable, smooth, and quiet at highway speeds
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified for moderate to severe winter weather performance
  • Studdable, where permitted, to increase grip
  • Amazing tread depth for the right amount of grip
  • Great rolling resistance
  • Great wet traction


  • Cannot be used when temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Should not be used on passenger vehicles
  • Road noise, when pinned with studs, can decrease ride comfort

SimpleTire’s view on Nexen Winguard Winspike tires

Nexen Winguard Winspike tires are able to perform well in fairly heavy snow conditions. However, if the snow has been around for quite some time, they may flather a little, though the best way forward in such a situation is to push the snow away using plows. Braking and handling on these tires is impressive, especially on packed snow. As a tire with directional tread pattern, it must be rotated from front to back or vice versa. A speed rating of T means it can be driven at decent speeds over snow and ice. One of the main reasons for it to receive a high Nexen Winguard Winspike rating is the great combination of features and price, often surprising customers with its high grip levels. It can be compared against the likes of Hankook Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded and Firestone Winterforce CV.

Vehicles the Nexen Winguard Winspike is a good replacement tire for

Did you know that the name Nexen was created using two future-oriented words ‘Next’ and ‘Century’? The philosophy behind this name was to reflect the company’s determination to drive towards a better tomorrow by preparing for the future. Keeping this in mind, here are the vehicles on which Nexen Winguard Winspike can be fitted as a replacement tire:

  • Chevrolet Express 1500
  • Ford-Transit 250
  • GMC Yukon
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500
  • RAM 3500














18 SimpleTire reviews

Verified Customer
Sep 17, 2020

Great winter tire especially for the money.

Verified Customer
Jul 15, 2020

I LOVE THESE TIRES! Not only are they stylish on a sporty look toyota celica, but cornering is fantastic. The low price is unheard of if purchased any place else. I actually bought these last fall, but waited to put them on the car this Spring so I'll also expect above average for tread life and winter traction. I am eccstatic that I found SimpleTire in general, with several children and just as many vehicles... I've not been unhappy with a purchase yet. Thank you for being here for the 'simple' man.

Verified Customer
Apr 19, 2020

Exactly what I needed for the wet and muddy conditions.

Verified Customer
Dec 27, 2019

Best snow tires money can buy for a transit van.

Verified Customer
Jan 3, 2019

Overall an excellent tire

Verified Customer
Sep 25, 2018

First of all, Simpletire is great and I will continue to purchase tires from them. Regarding the Nexen winter tires, these were the worst snow tires I have ever owned. They were only marginally better than all season tires in my opinion. They lacked grip in snow and ice and they were not capable of cleaning themselves of packed snow. They were OK in slush, but beyond wet roads and small amounts of slush, these tires weren't very good at all. If you want something cheap that is a little better than an all season tire for winter, they'll work, but you're better off spending a little more on a name brand snow tire.

Verified Customer
Jul 15, 2018

1000 miles, no problem so far.

Verified Customer
Jul 13, 2018

Excellent snow tire hands down. This tire pulled right through the snow and never missed a beat

Verified Customer
Jul 11, 2018

Great tires! Did a lot of research on cheaper tires, but ended up with Nexen Winspikes. So glad I did purchase them for winter tires. Only put 3000 miles on them in 2 months that they were on. So worth it though! Definitely a good tire for the price.

Verified Customer
Jan 11, 2018