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Nexen A/T RV tires are built for the rugged duties which come from life on the road. These tires are built to handle a variety of weights and load capacities for your recreational needs. Whether your unit is packed with equipment or waiting to be filled, when you are hauling it down the road the handling and performance will be steady and enjoyable. As all-terrtain tires, the Nexen A/T RV tires can get you to those remote places where you are at one with nature. The treads are built to resist picking up and flinging rocks and gravel, and the material strong enough to be rock-resistant for those off-road places you want to haul your camper. Traction is reliable and firm with microgrooves built into the treads. You will also discover the wide shoulder block which gives enhanced traction, along with the rigidity necessary for heavier loads and stability in off-highway use.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced biting edges help keep traction in all sorts of weather.

  • Dual tread blocks expel gravel and protect against road debris.
  • Wide shoulder blocks enhance handling and performance.
Mileage Warranty
Load Index
1819 lbs (101)
Max Speed
87 MPH (N)
Load Range
1819 lbs (101)
Part Number
Overall Diameter