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14 SimpleTire reviews

Nissan 350Z 2004 Touring (6-Speed Manual) Rear
Verified Customer
Jul 30, 2021

Always wanted to try these tires out given that Alabama weather can be unpredictable, and I wanted a UHP All-Season tire that fit my budget at the time of needing tires on my wheels. Was pleasantly surprised at how they performed both in the dry and during the wet (I tend to be cautious during inclement weather as to be wary of the driving tendencies I've seen on the road). Even during my trip to the Tail of the Dragon, they meet my expectation on the confidence I felt when pushing myself to the limit I was comfortable in. Chasing GTI, Golf R, Civic Si & CTR, and a couple of other vehicles (Those mentioned been going to the dragon for years compared to my first time there). Even they were surprised at how they performed and will likely make these my daily/spirited driving tire of choice for my Z. Big thanks to Simpletire for being the place that showed me these

Verified Customer
Mar 21, 2020

These tires handel really well in dry weather they hook from a dig. When driving in the rain they're okay. But all in all they are perfect for early spring and summer driving in my opinion.

Verified Customer
Nov 22, 2019

I cannot recommend this tire as I had one brand new replaced by Simple Tire (who by the way are great to work with) because it would not balance (out of round), the replacement was better but not right on either. I only have 1000 miles on them so I cannot fairly rate all the above questions.

Verified Customer
Jul 11, 2018

These tires are great and have great tread be it rain shine or snow. I highly recommend these tires.

Verified Customer
Jul 11, 2018

2008 G37 coupe - Have purchased tires twice , tires approx 3.5 years old with close to 30,000 miles on them rotate as suppose and good to go. Most of these tires come from the same manufacture. First 2 tire purchased had to be replaced premature do to express oil change over inflating tires and tire to wore in the center of the tire.

Verified Customer
Dec 1, 2017

these tires are absolutely horrible... you get what you pay for with tires... wish the dealership didnt put these cheap chinese garbage tires on my car before i bought it.... they provide no confidence in driving, especially in the wet... they lock up easy when wet out. tires spin at 30% throttle in the wet with 7/32" tread left... ive never had a tire so bad in my life... completely unbelievable. i cant believe tires this dangerous are allowed to be sold.

Verified Customer
Oct 24, 2017

Really good tires. Great price. Got them quick and very happy.

Verified Customer
Aug 19, 2017

Verified Customer
Jul 18, 2017

Decent tire for price. Rides nice and has good dry grip. My car is slammed 8" with 7.5 inch rims. Slight stretch on the rim.

Verified Customer
Jun 20, 2017

I vary happy with these tire. I drive a BMW B7 (with about 600HP at the wheels) with 285/30/21's and got these a couple weeks back and have driven in temps from 40-105 (have not driven these in snow and really don't drive this car in snow, so I only gave it 3 for snow) and in 3" of standing water (hard rain driving on highway at maybe 30-40mph) and they are the best tires I've had on the car. I was running P Zero's but they sucked and @ $500+ more for each tire I thought I would see how these ran and if they sucked they were cheap and it was not as big of a deal. With that said I have done mostly highway miles and have not gone much north of 140mph with them. The noise is low at this point (I can not hear them over stock exhaust). The ride is stiff (but they are 30's). They also stuck well in turn (.8 G) and hookup well on heavy acceleration. These are the first off brand tire I have ever bought and am happy at this point.