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The Nama Maxaggres H/T NM-76 is an all-season SUV tire. With a symmetric ribbed tread pattern and strategically placed sipping, the Maxaggres H/T NM-76 provides enhanced control and responsiveness. In addition, the Maxaggres H/T NM-76 has an optimized footprint and tread element placement to provide a quieter ride.

Features & Benefits

  • All-season tire manufactured for SUVs
  • Symmetric ribbed tread with sipes and grooves to boost grip and improve dry, wet, and winter weather traction
  • Circumferential grooves channel water and slush from the footprint, resisting hydroplaning
  • Optimized footprint and tread elements to prevent sound wave formations offering a quieter ride
  • Specialized all-season rubber compound reduces rolling resistance, improving fuel efficiency

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