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5 SimpleTire reviews

Verified Customer
Jul 5, 2019

2 of the tires balanced fine, the other 2 didn't want to seat to the wheel and didn't balance. 2 were discolored. Although they're cheap, I would recommend a more reputable tire.

Verified Customer
Jun 23, 2019

Haven't had them long so I dont know about tread life or winter traction.

Verified Customer
Mar 1, 2019

These tires were flattened in transit and my insaller had quite a difficilt time seating the bead. Otherwise your service was excellent as always

Verified Customer
Feb 17, 2019

I went with these because I wanted to go back to a more 'regular' highway radial style tire on my '12 CR-V, but, I still wanted some of the benefits of an all-terrain tire having had those on the vehicle since I replaced the original OEM tires. However, as we all know, AT tires come with the penalty of road noise. Especially after a couple of years and some feathering wear from alignments going out over time. So, my research led me to these awesome tires. The very third day that I owned these tires from having them installed I had to drive in snow and ice. They never let me down and never made me feel like I was riding on inadequate treads. And that is having come from owning nothing but AT tires like I wrote in the last paragraph. I cannot speak on the tread life just yet, I have not had them on long, but the tires are just about as quiet as the OEM tires Honda chose to fit these vehicles with from the factory. They offer a comfortable ride and handle well. I drive my AWD CR-V VERY hard and agressively, routinely making my tires squeal through roundabout turns like an autocrosser. They handle in dry and wet pavement just as good as you would expect any all season tire from any manufacturer. I even had a screw in one of the tread blocks that I really thought was going to make a leak when I removed it, but no, there was no penetration. I am very thankful the tires are so new, or I am sure there would have been a breach for air to escape through. All in all, I highly recommend these for their quality and value. If you are torn between a radial passenger tire and an all terrain tire, then these are for you! They are kind of mix between both a radial and a not-too-aggressive AT.

Verified Customer
Jul 20, 2018

Put these on my CRV because they had a bit more of an aggressive tread pattern since living in Maine I was looking for a true all season tread. Have on had them in since May so next winter will be the test

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