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    Owned and backed by Cooper, Mastercraft manufactures tires for everyday performance. The tire manufacturer specializes in making tires that offer higher value, ensure dependable performance in tough conditions, and provide the drivers better control and driving confidence.

    The Mastercraft Stratus A/S is an all-season tire that’s designed for use on sedans and CUVs. The tire offers a better deal to the customers as it is optimized for longer service life, solid traction, and impressive economy. This all-season tire comes with many impressive technologies and features, which help in delivering a dependable year-round performance.

    So, let’s check them out in this Mastercraft Stratus A/S tire review. We’ll also discuss the positives and negatives, vehicle compatibility, and various other details of this tire to help the buyers make a well-informed decision.

    Features and Benefits

    The Mastercraft Stratus A/S is an all-season tire and it is optimized to perform in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions. To ensure that it offers reliable year-round performance, Mastercraft has incorporated an array of advanced features and technologies. Let’s take a look at them and learn how they impact the performance.

    • Enhanced year-round traction – The features advanced all-season tread design and tread compound that provide all-season traction in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions
    • Impressive handling – The tire utilizes Shoulder Sipe Technology, which uses sipes in the shoulders and intermediate tread rows along with deep sections to provide biting edges for better handling throughout the life of the tire. Additionally, the solid center rib present on the tread assures smooth rides and controlled handling.
    • Better high-speed stability and grip – The construction of the tire utilizes spiral nylon overlap that controls the growth at the center of the tire at higher speeds and maintains dimensional stability. This helps in improving the grip as the tire maintains solid grip with the surface.
    • Reduced tread noise levels – The computer-designed variable pitch tread reduces the tread noise levels by utilizing different sized tread elements. These elements facilitate quiet running at highway speeds and enhance the driving comfort.
    • Increased wet weather performance – The four wide grooves present on the tread of the Stratus A/S improve water dispersion and reduce the chances of aquaplaning for increased wet weather performance. These grooves and sipes ease cruising through thin layers of water that are present on the road during the rainy season.
    • Longer service life – The advanced tread pattern of the tire is optimized to distribute the driving pressures across the tread to reduce the chances of uneven tread wear and offer an extended service life.
    • Covered by tread life warranty – The Stratus A/S is covered by a limited manufacturer tread life warranty of 50,000 miles, which gives the drivers an absolute peace of mind.

    The tire is available in 14- to 18-inch rims and some of its available sizes include:

    Pros and Cons

    With all the features of the Mastercraft Stratus A/S discussed, let’s now check out the pros and cons to understand more about the tire’s practical performance.


    • Better traction than many of the competitors.
    • Quieter rides and enhanced comforts.
    • More affordable than its peers.
    • Comes with a 50,000 miles limited manufacturer tread life warranty.
    • Longer tread life than many of its counterparts.
    • Better grip and handling on dry surfaces


    • Should not be used in moderate to severe winter weather conditions.
    • Handling and grip on wet and light wintry conditions isn’t the best in segment.
    • Wet and light winter performance could be better.

    SimpleTire’s view on Mastercraft Stratus A/S tires

    The Mastercraft Stratus A/S is designed for drivers who need an affordable set of tires that offers dependable year-round performance. The tire is optimized for quieter rides and enhanced comforts and also has a longer tread life than various other all-season tires. The tire also offers better grip and handling on dry surfaces, however, on wet and wintry weather conditions, both the handling and grip might fail to impress. Additionally, this tire can be used in light wintry conditions, but for use on thick snow and ice-covered roads, this isn’t the tire that should be considered.

    Some of the close competitors of the Mastercraft Stratus A/S include Kumho Solus TA71, Nexen N’Priz AH8, Laufenn G FIT AS LH41, Falken Sincera SN250 A/S, Milestar MS932 Sport, Westlake RP18, and Goodyear Assurance All-Season.

    Vehicles the Mastercraft Stratus A/S is a good replacement tire for

    Designed for use on sedans and CUVs, the Mastercraft Stratus A/S can be used as a replacement tire on vehicles like the Chevrolet Impala, Audi A3, BMW 3 Series, Mazda 6, Mercedes-Benz CLA, Honda Civic, Dodge Avenger, and Volkswagen Jetta.














    24 SimpleTire reviews

    Buick Park Avenue 1994 Base
    Verified Customer
    Apr 11, 2022

    Tires ride nice and priced great

    Volkswagen Jetta 2009 TDI Sedan
    Verified Customer
    Feb 2, 2022

    After putting on 20k miles, the tread is at 20%. Not happy with the wear on these. Overall an ok tire in North Dakota.

    Toyota Corolla 2007 LE
    Verified Customer
    Jul 23, 2021

    I just got them on my Toyota Corolla LE and they give me A WONDERFUL VERY STEADY RIDE!!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great, reliable set of tires FOR A FANTASTIC PRICE!!!!!!!!!!

    Pontiac Vibe 2007 Base
    Verified Customer
    Jun 2, 2021

    Had them on for a month. It rides good, it grips and handles good. Tires shpped fast, would buy again

    Verified Customer
    Mar 21, 2021

    7 years using mastercraft tires on a 3 different cars ,no problems ,perfect tires

    Nissan Altima 2015 S 2.5
    Verified Customer
    Mar 13, 2021

    Tires are relatively new, I cant rate "wear" yet.

    Ford Focus 2012 SE
    Verified Customer
    Jan 27, 2021

    Worst tires I've ever purchased. So loud! The vibration is so severe it shakes my whole car. I will never buy Mastercraft tires again.

    Verified Customer
    Nov 17, 2020

    This thing is not good in rain after one season in Portland. Spins like crazy. Also got many flats though who knows. I wouldn't buy it again.

    Verified Customer
    Sep 7, 2020

    I drive a 04 Honda CRV originally baought these tires to replace the old BF Goodrich tires that I had on it the belts were shifted and had dry rotting and cupping put about a 1k miles on it and still drives smooth as silk in both rain and dry pavement havent driven them in the snow yet since the vehicle was wrecked ðŸ˜" but I would definitely buy these again couldnt beat the price and quality even if It was short lived

    Verified Customer
    Aug 28, 2020

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