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  • All Season, Passenger tire

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The Mastercraft Avenger series provides your vehicle with the durable, pliable, long-lasting tire you want and need to make all your adventures happen. The Mastercraft Avenger 4x4 tire is made for fun, commuting, cruising around, and trips into the wild. Your vehicle will appreciate the difference this quality tire makes. Starting with the outside, you will see a directional tread pattern. This is designed to give your tire hydroplane resistance and good water expulsion from between the treads. That optimal grip during wet roads or muddy conditions is one element of the Avenger 4x4 design. The tall sidewall stiffener gives you a more pleasant ride on cornering and provides quicker steering response. These tires were made for sport trucks, 4x4 vehicles, SUV and street vehicle use. They can sustain speeds up to 13 miles per hour as tested during manufacture.