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    Even though Lionhart is a relatively new company (it was founded in 2013), it nevertheless fulfills driver's needs despite not being a household name like Cooper or Michelin. The Los Angeles-based distributor Turbo Wholesale Tire family owns it. These tires are unique because of their fantastic designs, and they are made specifically in China for the North American replacement tire market. Lionhart can be a good choice since they offer a range of sizes and aspect ratios at a highly affordable cost. Lionhart LH-Ten can provide year-round superior traction, handling, and comfort with a striking appearance and an extended tread life. These UHP-all-season tires have features per an average SimpleScore of 8.2. More information about them can be found during this Lionhart LH-Ten review.

    Features and Benefits

    The stylish appearance of this tire is often useful in attracting buyers. Due to the W-speed rating, drivers can push their vehicles to fairly high speeds. During the Lionhart LH-Ten tire review, we found them great quality tires for their price. Modern tire technologies have produced tires that offer amazing performance while being all-season. Given below are the features and benefits of the LH-Ten:

    • Responsive steering: This tire's special rubber compound ensures quick steering responses, leading to an average handling SimpleScore of 8.5.
    • Minimizes hydroplaning: Lateral grooves remove water to resist hydroplaning and increase wet traction.
    • Looks great: This tire showcases eye-catching looks to make vehicles stand out.
    • Warranty: Though not much, Lionhart does offer a limited manufacturer warranty of 30,000 miles.
    • Great traction: The high tread depth and the directional pattern are responsible for great traction, leading to an average traction SimpleScore of 8.1.
    • M+S Rating: Expect this tire to offer good grip and performance in muddy and snowy conditions.
    • Long tread life: The available tread compound ensures long tread life, resulting in an average longevity SimpleScore of 7.9.

    Pros and Cons

    You’ll love the tire’s handling performance in wet conditions. This is a tire with a tremendous balance of comfort, handling characteristics, and high-speed capabilities and the combination is suitable for a high Lionhart LH-Ten rating. Expect year-round traction from this tire, making it different from a UHP or a UHP-summer. Crossovers, light trucks, and SUVs will benefit the most by fitting them. A directional tread pattern gives drivers confidence while giving steering inputs and helps them enjoy heading out in their vehicles. To find out if the tire meets your requirements, go through the following pros and cons:


    • Great handling
    • Good traction
    • M+S rating
    • Backed by a warranty of 30,000 miles
    • Quick steering reactions
    • Less hydroplaning
    • Silent and comfortable ride


    • Not meant for heavy snow
    • Warranty could have been more

    SimpleTire’s view on Lionhart LH-TEN tires

    You could embark on a road trip, visit the local grocery store, or pick up kids from school with your vehicle on these all-season tires. The Lionhart LH-Ten can provide a mix of good performance and grip for SUVs, CUVs, and light trucks. Drivers will feel confident handling their vehicles with these tires thanks to the special rubber compound that allows quick steering responses. The tread depth is fairly high, which means more rubber is in contact with the road. During the Lionhart LH-Ten tire review, we noticed lateral grooves that prevent hydroplaning and provide a wet grip. A limited manufacturer warranty of 30,000 miles is also on offer.

    Vehicles the Lionhart LH-TEN is a good replacement tire for

    Expect the Lionhart LH-Ten to generate dry and wet traction. You’ll also feel happy about the long tread life of these affordable UHP all-season tires. Tread depth is pretty good for a tire in this category. Some of the vehicles that would do well to fit the LH-Ten include:

    • Acura MDX
    • Audi Q7
    • BMW X5
    • Cadillac Escalade ESV
    • Chevrolet C20
    • GMC Sierra 1500
    • Land Rover Range Rover
    • Mercedes-Benz R350
    • Mitsubishi Endeavor
    • Porsche Macan
    • Subaru Tribeca
    • Volkswagen Touareg














    70 SimpleTire reviews

    Chevrolet C20 Custom Deluxe 1980 Bonus Cab (7/16 & 1/2 inch studs)(GVWR 8600) Front
    Verified Customer
    Jun 26, 2022

    This tires are dry rotted

    Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT 2007 w/Z71 Pkg.
    Verified Customer
    May 6, 2022

    Great looking tire

    Cadillac Escalade ESV 2011 Premium
    Verified Customer
    Nov 22, 2021

    Bought these Lionhart LH-10's for my wife's Escalade ESV. We now have about 5-6 23nds of treadwear left. I've been very happy with them to this point. No complaints about anything - well one compliant, these tires are directional so only front to rear rotation. A few times I've done a normal rotation and had to make the correction. We travel a lot of gravel/dirt roads in the summer in northern MN and the tires have been great. Unplowed winter roads have not been an issue whether paved or gravel/dirt. As she only drives about 20 miles RT daily I'm hoping to get through the winter with the tread we have left. I will be purchasing another set for her Escalade. Even with the prices we have today I feel these tries are a great value. I paid $477 for a set of 4 in '18 or '19. I have roughly 40,000mi on them now.

    GMC Sierra 1500 2011 Denali
    Verified Customer
    Jun 18, 2021

    Awesome establishment with fast delivery. Will do business again very soon.

    Verified Customer
    Dec 18, 2020

    No complaints. Great tire

    Verified Customer
    Nov 13, 2020

    I am very disappointed in the lionhart brand. I've put a set on my BMW as well as my suburban. The tires failed! They seem to be prone to busted belt issues! I had replaced all of the 26 inch tires on my suburban with lionharts about 12 months ago.. I have since replaced three with lionharts and resulted in the same problem. The same issues with the BMW 22 inch tires! I will never purchase another lionhart! Miguel

    Verified Customer
    Oct 16, 2020

    Verified Customer
    Sep 19, 2020

    Awesome tires, delivered in 2 days! Recommend !

    Verified Customer
    Sep 18, 2020

    First time buyer from SimpleTire, but won't be the last. I purchased these tire for my F-150. Smooth ride, great look, slow tread wear and great price. Look forward to buying from SimpleTire again, and will mostly purchase same tires.

    Verified Customer
    Sep 16, 2020

    This is a good, cheap option. I put them on my 2006 Saab 9-7x, and they've worked just as well as the much more expensive tires they replaced. I would certainly recommend these tires. They took a trip from Nashville to Las Vegas, towed my racecar from Nashville to Atlanta and Bowling Green several times. They're responsive and handle the wet well.

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