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Lexani LX-407RF



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Designed for use on passenger cars, the LX-407RF from Lexani is an ultra-high-performance tire that features run flat technology for assistance during a puncture or pressure loss, strong grip on wet and dry roads, and a 40,000 mile limited tread life warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Tread is designed for use in warmer weather
  • Black sidewall
  • 40,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty
  • Scientifically created rubber materials strengthen the sidewall to allow the driver to stay in control during an air pressure loss

Punctures, pressure losses, and blowouts can be some of the scariest things that a driver faces during their commute, as all make it difficult for them to stay in control of their car. Fortunately, run flat technology was created to help a driver maintain control during one of these scenarios, and the LX-407RF from Lexani does that by applying a scientifically created rubber compound to the sidewall to aide drivers. Featuring staggered height on the central tread that disperses water for strong traction on wet roads, the LX-407RF's narrow longitudinal central tread puts more rubber on the road for strong cornering capabilities and control in dry conditions.

Mileage Warranty
40 k
Load Index
1202 lbs (87)
Max Speed
149 MPH (V)
Load Range
Standard (SL)
Wet Traction
Tread Depth
Inflation Pressure
44 PSI
Part Number
Section Width
Rim Range
Overall Diameter
Run Flat

Have a question about Lexani LX-407RF tires?

Yes, Lexani LX-407RF tires are a good choice for drivers of passenger cars who want sporty traction and handling performance plus extra durability thanks to run flat technology.

No, Lexani LX-407RF tires are not made in China. LX-407RF tires are made in South Korea at Nexen's facilities.