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Kenda Tires are manufactured by Taiwan-based Kenda Rubber Industrial Company that has been in this business since 1962. After being established in 1991 in Columbus, OH, they launched their first retail passenger car in 2001.

A racing tire, the Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) is engineered for use on performance-oriented and sports cars, and is engineered to provide drivers with confident control and grip when driving at high speeds. Despite offering high-end performance, the tire is not meant for every driver so is it the right choice for you and your ride? Let’s take a look in this Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) review.

Features and Benefits

The lateral grip available on Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) tires is often found to be superior than tires priced twice as much thanks to large shoulder lugs help grasp the road for exceptional cornering grip. Expect superior wet traction as the directional tread pattern enhances drainage for better performance. Occupants will experience high comfort levels while sitting in vehicles with these tires. An aggressive tread design makes them perfectly suited for max performance and ultra-high-performance, enabling high driving stability and precise steering responsiveness.

Pros and Cons

Available in max performance and ultra-high-performance treads, these tires provide enhanced grip and precise control to drivers of performance-based and sports cars. However, the max performance variant sacrifices tread life while delivering exceptional dry and wet weather grip. The Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) tire review showed these tires to provide the best grip in warm weather conditions. By preventing heat build-up near the contact area, Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) enables performance-oriented cars to consistently move fast. While they can maintain the ideal tire shape while being under constant high speed pressure, the strong casing ensures superior durability.


  • Attractive price
  • Directional tread pattern provides confidence in cornering and wet performance
  • Race-inspired design for agile handling
  • Great dry traction in warm weather


  • Cannot be used in winter weather conditions
  • No mileage warranty
  • Not the longest lasting, but that’s common for this type of tire

SimpleTire’s view on Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) tires

Those looking for affordable performance-oriented tires that do not compromise on dry or wet traction should seriously consider the Kenda Kaiser (KR20A). If you’re thinking about these tires being made outside the US, remember that Kenda has an exclusive factory for the US market. Speaking about the Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) rating, we at SimpleTire rate it high as a result of its ability to consistently provide predictable levels of grip. The directional tread pattern further ensures that comfort is not compromised while delivering maximum performance. While the Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) may not be as good as the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus or Yokohama Advan Fleva V701, it provides high levels of dry and wet performance with acceptable levels of wear at a more affordable price.

Vehicles the Kenda Kaiser (KR20A) is a good replacement tire for

Finding a tire that performs at a high level to match your ride’s power can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. If you drive a vehicle like the Audi A4, Aston Martin DB7, BMW M3, Honda Accord, Lexus CT, or Subaru WRX, then the Kaiser (KR20A) absolutely needs to be on your radar thanks to its strong performance and great pricing.














28 SimpleTire reviews

Subaru Wrx 2021 base
Verified Customer
Nov 16, 2022

I switched to these to replace Dunlop sportmax tires on WRX. These tires are amazing! Much better grip. Superior performance when cold as well. No problems with 33° streets temperatures. They do more than I ever expected them to. Using them for my next track day, but I already know they're better. You can feel it

Nissan 300ZX 1991 2+2
Verified Customer
Aug 2, 2022

I have these tires on my 300zx na and they spin in the rain, its pretty dodgy , but in the dry they are good and grippy , all around good buy just be careful in the rain

Nissan 240SX 1993 SE
Verified Customer
Oct 30, 2021

I use these as front tires on my drift car and drive to and from the track on them so my experiences are informed from a slightly different angle. They offer great feedback when driving at the limit and heat cycle well to maximize life. Track work is hard on all consumables but these Kendas perform well in all aspects.

Infiniti G35 2005 Coupe Front
Verified Customer
Oct 17, 2021

I threw a set of these on the front of my drift car. My car went from plowing with absurd understeer to feeling like I have claws digging into the pavement, pulling around each corner. I would say "great for the price" but these rival more expensive options. I'll be back for more, Kenda.

Mazda 6 2006 Mazdaspeed
Verified Customer
Oct 17, 2021

I push the absolute ham out of these tires. It's crazy how much lateral grip they have, even compared to tires costing twice as much! They're quiet throughout their entire lifespan and even pretty good in the rain, which really surprised me. I'll take these over r888 any day!

Subaru WRX 2016 Base
Verified Customer
Sep 13, 2021

Great tire for the price! Super grippy in wet and dry conditions. Obviously these are not meant for snow. But surprisingly quiet ride with the radial pattern (but my car is loud so it doesn't matter to me much).

Ford Mustang 2003 GT
Verified Customer
Mar 23, 2021

Just put these on and have only driven a couple times. Once the tires are warmed up the traction is perfect for how my car accelerates. They handle perfect and grip to the road with little noise. Very anxious to see how tread holds up.

Verified Customer
Jan 15, 2021

I bought these tires for an 89 Mustang just to burn off. They were on sale so So I bought them before I needed them. And then winter hit so I haven't had a chance to use them yet due to the winter. But as far as dealing with simply tire The experience was great. delivery time was on point.

Ford Mustang 2004 Mach I
Verified Customer
Oct 6, 2020

Simple tire has been the best tire buying experience I've ever had,your prices are excellent and delivery fast I'd recommend to everyone and have several friends buy from u in this area

Chevrolet Corvette 1993 40th Anniversary Edition Front
Verified Customer
Sep 28, 2020

Loving these on my 93 vette. I have 18's 255s in the front 285 rear - luv the look feel and handling and price - awesome tires have 1300miles in em so far