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Kelly Safari MTReviews

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    Kelly Tire, a division of Goodyear, is the oldest tire brand manufactured in the United States, having been founded in 1894. 2010 saw the company make the big move from regional to national sales, with Kelly tires being offered practically everywhere in the country. With every Kelly tire a 30-Day satisfaction trial is included. Additionally, Kelly Tires produces winter, all-season, light truck, performance, and passenger car tires.

    The Kelly Safari MT is a mud-terrain tire that is designed to provide reliable off-road performance for light trucks. In addition, it has a sturdy design that guarantees resilience to the demanding conditions of off-road driving.

    However, can these tires offer desired performance and off-road traction for your vehicle? Let us take a look at the Kelly Safari MT review to know more about them.

    Features and Benefits

    Mud-terrain tires are specifically developed for off-road use in muddy or rocky terrain and are designed to perform well in mud, dirt, sand, gravel, rock, and other off-road terrains. Designed to endure the demands of off-road driving, the Kelly Safari provides improved durability and tolerance to harsh conditions.

    • Enhanced traction: Kelly Safari MT has an aggressive tread pattern which provides solid traction and grip in mud, loose soil and rocky terrains. In addition, its specialized shoulder design and broad tread blocks contribute to better off-road performance and increased grip.
    • Improved durability: While enhanced sidewalls improve abrasion resistance, stone-ejector ledges boost the tire's resistance to degradation.
    • Self-cleaning capabilities: Deep tread blocks remove mud and debris from the tread and keeps the tread clean.
    • Enhanced on-road manners: The Safari MT is optimized to mix off-road capabilities with on-road manners.

    Pros and Cons

    So, is this the mud-terrain tire you were looking for? Let’s take a look at its pros and cons:


    • Mud-terrain tread provides traction in mud, loose soil, and rocky terrains
    • Specialized shoulder design and broad tread blocks improve off-road performance
    • Sidewalls boost abrasion resistance
    • Stone-ejector ledges prevent tire degradation
    • Deep tread blocks remove mud and debris from the tread


    • No mileage warranty
    • Noisy on paved roads

    SimpleTire’s view on Kelly Safari MT tires

    The Kelly Safari MT is a solid mud-terrain tire with features like big tread blocks, specific shoulder design, stone ejectors, improved sidewalls, and tread block grooves to optimize its performance in mud, loose soil, and rocky terrains. When it comes to SimpleScore, the Kelly Safari MT achieves an overall SimpleScore of 7.7 thanks to its great longevity (8.6), good handling (7.6), and traction (7). To know SimpleTire's view on the Kelly Safari MT, let's utilize [SimpleScore] to compare it to another tire of the same size, the Evoluxx Rotator M/T LT265/70R17.

    The Kelly Safari MT outperforms the Evoluxx Rotator M/T in terms of longevity (8.6 vs. 7.9) and SimpleScore (7.8 vs. 7.7). On the other hand, the Evoluxx Rotator M/T scores higher in traction (7.5 vs. 7) and handling (8 vs. 7.6). The Evoluxx Rotator M/T costs less than the Safari MT, but the Safari MT is still a reasonably priced tire.

    If longevity is important to you in a mud-terrain tire, choose the Safari MT, but if traction and handling are important, try the Rotator M/T.

    Vehicles the Kelly Safari MT is a good replacement tire for

    When your original tire wears out, consider the Kelly Safari MT for your light trucks like the:

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