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    Greenball Corp.'s Kanati Tires branch has been in the tire business for almost 44 years. They design dependable tires for off-road adventures, to take you from job site to job site, or simply a tire with a beefier look that won't break the budget. Their all-terrain tires are built to last in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.

    An all-terrain tire, the Kanati Trail Hog offers consistent traction and improved responsiveness for your light trucks and SUVs. Features like unique groove and siping pattern work together to offer all-season traction.

    Can this all-terrain tire provide your vehicle with the traction it requires both on and off the road? Will they be within your price range? To learn more, let's examine a SimpleTire review of the Kanati Trail Hog.

    Features and Benefits

    Those who enjoy driving might just be concerned about the various terrains they will encounter. Since all-terrain tires are made to offer traction on and off-road, they are the answer to their problem. Making an informed choice will be made easier if you are aware of the features and benefits of the Kanati Trail Hog.

    • Increased all-terrain traction: Bevelled shoulder lugs and sipe pattern provide superior off-road traction and handling. These tires are designed to withstand off-road activity and boast a 10-ply rating throughout, with a 3-ply sidewall designed to withstand punctures and damage under heavy use.
    • Winter traction: These tires are Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, which means these tires can handle harsh winter weather conditions. Furthermore, to improve traction in icy and snowy conditions, the tires can be pinned with #16 studs (where permitted).
    • Quiet and comfortable drive: Variable angled tread blocks to help keep road noise down and offer a quiet drive. Its optimized void ratio contributes to a smooth and quiet drive.
    • Enhanced handling: Rugged shoulder blocks with extra biting edges enhance steering and control. An extra-large contact patch that increases grip, handling, and braking ability by placing more rubber on the road helps the Kanati Trail Hog brake well.
    • Added durability: Its three-ply sidewall prevents punctures and damage extending the tread life.

    Pros and Cons

    So, is this a good all-terrain tire, or do you think it could be better? Before we look at the SimpleTire’s view, consider the following pros and cons:


    • All-terrain tread to handle both on- and off-road challenges.
    • Rugged beveled shoulder blocks with extra biting edges for increased steering and control.
    • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified to offer harsh winter weather traction.
    • Unique groove and siping pattern to improve all-season traction
    • 3-ply sidewall provides added durability.
    • Can be pinned with #16 studs where permitted.
    • Variable angled tread blocks to offer a quiet drive.


    • Although it has decent road manners, it is not the best tire to use for commuting due to excess road noise and ride comfort.
    • May not be fuel efficient.
    • No mileage warranty.

    SimpleTire’s view on Kanati Trail Hog tires

    With an all-terrain tread, Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification, and studdability, the Kanati Trail Hog A/T-4 is designed to tackle any kind of weather and road condition. For all of your off-road and overland excursions, the Trail Hog offers solid traction, responsiveness, improved steering and handling.

    Let's compare the all-terrain tires, the Landsail CLX 11 Roadblazer H/T and the Delinte DX-10 Bandit A/T, to see SimpleTire's view of the Kanati Trail Hog based on SimpleScore. The Kanati Trail Hog has a higher SimpleScore (7.8 out of 10) than the Delinte DX-10 Bandit A/T and the Landsail CLX 11 Roadblazer H/T because of its great handling (8), decent traction (7.8), and longevity (7.8).

    In comparison to the Landsail CLX 11 Roadblazer H/T, the Kanati Trail Hog has better traction and handling, while the Landsail CLX 11 has a higher longevity (8.2), a 50,000 mile warranty, and is more affordable.

    When compared to the Delinte DX-10 Bandit A/T, the Kanati Trail Hog has a higher score and a longer lifespan. However, the Delinte DX-10 Bandit A/T delivers better handling (8.2) and traction (7.9) at a lower price.

    All things considered, the Kanati Trail Hog tire is a decent all-terrain tire with solid winter traction.

    Vehicles the Kanati Trail Hog is a good replacement tire for

    When the original tire wears out, the Kanati Trail Hog can be used as a replacement tire for vehicles such as:

    • Ford F-350
    • Chevrolet Silverado
    • Dodge Ram 2500
    • Hummer H3T
    • Toyota Tacoma
    • Jeep Gladiator
    • GMC Sierra-1500














    132 SimpleTire reviews

    Ford F-350 Super Duty King Ranch 2005 4x4 (DRW)
    Verified Customer
    Aug 30, 2022

    Needed tire with more bite off road and dirt roads. Not much noise from more aggressive tread. I like the sipes in tire tread and open design which gets mud out.

    Ford F-150 FX4 2013 Base
    Verified Customer
    Aug 28, 2022

    Can't complain one bit! For A/T tires, they're surprising quiet! A lot more quiet than other tires I've had. Haven't had the chance to see how they do in snow, but so far they do great in rain and dry pavement! Haven't taken them off road yet either, but i can imagine them being awesome.

    Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 2013 LTZ Crew Cab
    Verified Customer
    May 16, 2022

    I've ran these previously. If you like aggressive looks, awesome to incredible traction in all conditions, buy these Kanati Trail Hogs. I get about 30,000 miles rotating every 7000 miles, or 30,000 miles without rotating. My 325/60/20 Trail Hogs are twins to a Duratrac, and cost what 1/3 less. These AT are aggressive looking in a 325/60/20 size. I typically run DOT legal offroad MT tires. I get annoyed, but am used to being questioned "aren't those noisy?". I get asked the same about the trail hogs. OMG, all modern mud tires made today aren't anywhere similar to the tires produced in the 70's that howled, whined, etc. I haven't ran a MT tire that is objectionably noisy in the least since the mid 90's. Yes, MT make some noise when compared to a horrible hwy tread that can barely move your vehicle on wet grass, much less a dusting snow, or trap you in a minor mud puddle. MT without siping definitely are a compromise on wet roads, or ice. If all you do is drive a truck and tow a trailer in the summer, a hwy tread is fine for you. All the tires I've ran last roughly 30,000 miles. I drive 3/4 ton Chevy trucks that are lifted with 35"+ tires. I currently have a tuned 2013 Duramax 2500HD Crew Cab. After all my tire testing with MT I find these AT to be one of the best compromise for me in looks, performance, and life. Simple Tire offered great prices, prompt delivery with updated tracking at a reasonable if not the best price on the web. I'll be back for more tires for my other and future vehicles!

    Ford F-150 FX4 2013 Base
    Verified Customer
    Apr 1, 2022

    These tires are great off-road and do pretty much what ever you ask them to. I never had a problem in anything to extreme as far as winter conditions and these are absolute beasts in the sand even with a heavier truck. They are pretty noisy but that's expected for the voids in the treads and they can be a little difficult to balance.

    Dodge Ram 2500 SLT 2010 4x4 Crew Cab
    Verified Customer
    Mar 13, 2022

    Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 2007 4x4
    Verified Customer
    Jan 3, 2022

    So far I'm really happy with the Kanati Trailhogs. They do quite well on icy, compacted snowy city roads. They really dig in fresh snow. Regardless of conditions, I'm confident taking section line roads for hunting or reaching a lake for ice fishing. Slight road noise but nothing drastic. Too new to give an assessment on wear.

    Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 2010 4x4
    Verified Customer
    Dec 17, 2021

    I have these on my f250 and this past weekend I was driving thru fields with a foot of snow and never had any problems while out hunting or at wet and snowwy boat launches up north.

    Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2020 Custom
    Verified Customer
    Nov 29, 2021

    Handles 6" of snow fine. Not as good as studs on ice, but handles fine. Great tire for the price. Plan on running them year round in Vermont.

    Verified Customer
    Nov 11, 2021

    Much better tire than the Wrangler DuraTrac that they are replicating. Better traction, and quieter. I will say that they are never size for size than the dirt track so if you want that wide look step up in size (width).

    Hummer H3T 2009 Base
    Verified Customer
    Nov 1, 2021

    Bought first set of these for my Hummer H-2 about 3 years ago 12.5 17x 37". Instantly noticed the difference in less road noise from the previous owner had stock original BFG's and the ride was good!! So good that when My Hummer H-3 needed new tires I went with these again !! only in a 35" and upgraded to a 17" rim as well! No Regrets here on my Great Purchase from Simple Tire!!

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