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4 SimpleTire reviews

Verified Customer
Sep 14, 2018

These cargo tires are perfect for my low-profile car trailer. I had them balanced upon installation and after over 10,000 miles over all types of terrain they have not show wear. They are a well made tire and I absolutely recommend them.

Verified Customer
Jul 19, 2017

We had to replace the original tires that had 40k miles on them. Many people complained about the tread life, but my truck runs mostly empty with occasional heavy loads. I also do a lot of highway driving, so this may have an impact on tread wear with less potholes, etc. The specs on the web site were not clear and I had to contact SimpleTire for confirmation that these would fit the Chevy CitiExpress minivan as the metric/weight rating was not listed correctly. The new tires have about 2000 miles, and I could see an improvement in handling and traction in dry and wet conditions. We actually bought 6 tires just in case of any flats we have them on hand. As a Costco member, we had them installed at Costco for $11 each.

Verified Customer
Jul 18, 2017

This is a great place to buy tires , stress free get installed almost anywhere...

Verified Customer
Feb 10, 2017

These are the OEM replacement tires for the Nissan NV200/ Chevrolet City Express vans. SimpleTire is the only seller I have been able to find selling these tires outside of a Nissan/Chevy dealership. The pricing is good. The tires are good, but a fairly short life which is to be expected with these vans as they eat through tires. My last replacements where Continental Vanco4Season which were much more expensive and only lasted a little longer than these OEM tires.

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Get technical:

The JK Tyre American Cargo X11M is an all-season highway terrain tire that's built for use on light trucks, SUVs, and vans. Four wide grooves within the tread remove water from the tire for better traction and performance in wet weather conditions, and the American Cargo X11M's dense siping boosts grip in wet and dry conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use on light trucks, SUVs, and vans that frequently drive on the highway
  • Four wide grooves within the tread remove water from the tire's contact patch for better performance in wet weather conditions
  • Built with a durable rubber compound that improves strength and durability so that drives can spend many miles hauling heavy materials on the highway
  • Dense siping creates additional biting edges for better traction and grip in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions
  • Optimized design lowers road noises and vibrations to create a quiet, comfortable ride for drivers and passengers

JK Tyre
Mileage Warranty
Load Index
1477 lbs (94)
Max Speed
118 MPH (T)
Load Range
1477 lbs (94)
Part Number
Overall Diameter

Have a question about JK Tyre American Cargo X11M tires?

Yes, the circumferential grooves and sipe pattern of the JK Tyre American Cargo X11M tire all help assure traction in wet conditions.

Yes, the JK Tyre American Cargo X11M tire features a white letter sidewall for stylish looks.

JK Tyre

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