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The Most Inovative, Effective MX/Cross Country Racing Tires in the World, Period! 140/80-18 Size for Hi power - Big bore bikes only *D.O.T. Certified 110/90-19 &110/100-18 Sizes for strong running 250 & open class Super deep knobs, more bite and longer wear. Cantilevered" rim guard sidewall engineered to provide increased deflection & bite. Extra thick knobs allow recutting of worn and rounded edges without losing knob stability. Maintains maximum bite for the life of the tire. Double edge taper, wide base, self-cleaning knobs, will not clog even in gumbo mud. Reversed Angle" leading edge of intermediate knobs, directs side thrust towards the inside when the bike is leaning into a turn. Racing" tread rubber compounded for extreme traction. Race tire construction, super-strong, steel belted, light weight racing nylon, reduces unspring weight, increases deflection, lays down a huge footprint and controls rebound.


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