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    Featuring a directional tread pattern, the Hankook Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded is the South Korean manufacturer’s one of the most innovative winter tires. It comes pinned with studs and is suitable for use on CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks.

    The tire is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certified, which signifies its utility in extreme winter weather. Additionally, the ‘M+S’ marking of this tire underlines its credible performance in mud and snow conditions. Hankook has taken a technological leap and has made this tire very good in terms of winter grip, longevity, and comfort to maximize the driving confidence on snow and ice-covered surfaces.

    To assist you in making a well-informed choice, let’s do a detailed analysis here in this Hankook Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded tire review and get a better understanding of its key features, advantages and disadvantages, and vehicle compatibility. Bonus! There’s also our view on this tire in the end.

    Features and Benefits

    Having all the traditional traits of a typical winter tire, the Winter i* Pike X (W429A) goes beyond just providing traction on ice and snow. It is studded for increased traction in icy conditions and also focuses on enhancing comfort levels and durability and achieves good traction in deep snow and muddy terrains. That being said, there are many admirable things that a buyer must know. So, to know them, let’s explore the features and benefits of this tire:

    • Excellent ice traction – The tire features an innovative ice slit design technology that provides excellent ice traction. The presence of optimized stud pins on the tread blocks improves ice traction. These stud pins are incorporated in the tread utilizing the new-gen stud technology, which creates an empty space at the bottom of the stud pin to minimize the impact from the road and improve road grip and traction. The wide center blocks on the footprint also boost traction in wintry conditions.
    • Better snow grip – Another winter performance highlight of the tire is the claw edge on both sides of the tread for improved grip while driving on snow. The snow performance is further enhanced with the step-down design that provides better side snow grip in deep snow roads by increasing friction between surface and edge. Additionally, the increased pitch allows the tire to bite the snow better and enhance traction.
    • Better handling and cornering performance – The tire features UHT (Ultra High Tensile) steel belt that makes the overall tire structure hard and improves the handling and cornering performance while driving at high speeds. Additionally, the 3D sipe technology also boosts handling performance while driving in wintry conditions.
    • Increased durability and reduced vibrations – The Winter i* Pike X (W429A) features HF (High Flexible) bead rubber that makes the bead more sturdy and remarkably reduces the vibrations. The UHT technology also helps improve the tire’s durability and maximizes puncture resistance. There is a wide steel belt layer that ensures optimal tread stiffness and maximizes durability.
    • Enhanced braking performance – The tire also features a special high-structure carbon black compound that enhances the tire’s performance in freezing temperatures and refines the braking performance.
    • Superior wet grip – Thanks to the two-in-one shoulder blocks, water and slush drainage from the contact patch area is maximized and traction is elevated. Likewise, the grooves of the tire are engineered to enhance water dispersion and reduce the chances of hydroplaning for superior wet-weather performance.

    The Hankook Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded is available in 15- to 20-inch rim sizes, making it compatible with most CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks. Some of its available sizes are listed below:

    Pros and Cons

    Now let’s talk about the positives and negatives of the Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded, starting with the positives first:

    • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified
    • Pinned with studs to provide extra grip in severe winter weather
    • The tire offers better traction on snow and ice than many of its competitors
    • Longevity scores are much better compared to similar tires in the segment
    • Ensures controlled noise levels on paved surfaces
    • Better vibration resistance than its counterparts
    • Impressive braking performance on snow and ice
    • Excellent wet grip and traction

    This tire is no doubt exceptional in various conditions, but there are some negatives that need to be discussed to give you a transparent view:

    • Cannot be used when temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Cannot be used in all locations as studs are not legal in all 50 States
    • Average handling in extreme winter weather conditions
    • Durability isn’t as great as some of its peers
    • No limited tread life warranty is offered
    • Not the most affordable choice in the segment
    • Dry performance isn’t the best

    SimpleTire’s view on Hankook Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded tires

    The Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded is mainly for those looking for a mid-range studded winter tire to drive in extreme winter weather conditions. The tire does the job very well what it is intended to – offers better performance on snow and ice! It can attract purchasers who need tires that last longer and offer comfortable and pleasing rides. The braking performance of the tire is admirable and its performance in wet weather conditions is splendid. However, this tire's handling and dry performance are average compared to its counterparts. This tire is also not the best of the options if durability and tread life warranty are your preferences.

    Its common competitors include Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV Studded, General Grabber Arctic LT, Cooper Evolution Winter, Firestone Winterforce 2 UV, and Goodyear Winter Command.

    Vehicles Hankook Winter i* Pike X (W429A) Studded is a good replacement tire for

    Designed for use on CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks, the Hankook Winter i* Pike (W429A) Studded can be used as a replacement tire on vehicles like Chevrolet Equinox, Chrysler Town & Country, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lexus NX300h, Mazda CX-5, Toyota Highlander, Subaru Outback, Volkswagen Routan, and GMC Terrain.

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