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Hankook Winter i*Pike (RW11)Reviews

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    There are very limited premium winter tires that qualify to be the genuine on- and off-road performers, and very few of these are surprisingly great at braking power and providing traction on snow and ice.

    The Hankook Winter i* Pike (RW11) is one such tire that balances all these qualities excellently. Designed for use on CUVs, SUVs, Jeeps, and light trucks, the Winter i* Pike (RW11) is a studdable winter tire that enhances the driving experience and provides drivers greater confidence while driving on wet and frozen roads.

    Hankook has incorporated various state-of-the-art technologies and features to ensure the tire does full justice when it’s rolled in extreme wintry conditions.

    In this Hankook Winter i*Pike (RW11) tire review, we will do a detailed analysis and learn about the true potential of this winter tire.

    Features and Benefits

    The Hankook Winter i* Pike (RW11) is optimized to perform in the worst winter weather conditions. It has a flexible rubber compound for consistent grip at lower temperatures and sports a studdable design for improved grip on snow, ice, and slush. Let’s check out the tire’s features and benefits to get a better understanding of how and in what ways it does the job.

    • Excellent winter performance – This tire features a directional tread pattern that utilizes high-density siping for improved grip in winter conditions. To further boost the tire’s performance on snow and ice, the tread of the Winter i* Pike (RW11) can be pinned with studs. The kerf center block maximizes traction on icy streets and snow-packed roads. Additionally, the flexible tread compound of the tire maintains surface grip in all extreme winter conditions.
    • Enhanced wet traction – This tire is also engineered for optimum wet traction. It features circumferential grooves which, in conjunction with the cliff and angled lateral grooves, help in evacuating water and slush from the footprint to resist the chances of hydroplaning and provide enhanced wet and winter traction.
    • Impressive handling and controllability – The tire has a continuous center rib and the larger footprint maintains a firm contact with the surface to offer impressive controllability. Moreover, the optimized block stiffness and the wave and step kerf improve handling performance. With these elements present in the directional tread design, the steering responsiveness and driving stability are remarkably improved.
    • Superior braking ability – This tire is made for extreme winter weather performance and therefore, its braking ability needs to be on another level. Hankook very well understands the importance of top-notch braking performance and thanks to the high-density siping and wider footprint, the tire gets enough biting edges and elements to ensure superior braking ability and reduce the stopping distance in wintry conditions.
    • Improved cornering and maneuvering – The Winter i* Pike (RW11) features variable step groove technology that offers precise and stable cornering. The tiered groove makes the moving angle of the tread block smaller as compared to the non-tiered groove, thus assuring better cornering and maneuvering performance.
    • Increased durability – The tire is designed for use on heavy-duty trucks and therefore, Hankook has done everything possible to enhance the durability standards of this winter tire. The internal construction of the tire features twin steel belts that get reinforced nylon wrapping for solid strength and durability.
    • Superior dry performance – The Winter i *Pike (RW11) features an eco-friendly tread compound and wider contact patch that enhances performance on dry roads.
    • Dependable mild off-road performance – The i* Pike (RW11) is inspired by all-terrain tires, which means it is capable of not just serving you on the road but can also be taken on mild off-road expeditions. The wider gaps between the tread blocks and the strong shoulder blocks allow it to bite the surface in off-road conditions to create a better grip.

    The Hankook Winter i* Pike (RW11) is available in 15- to 20-inch rim sizes, which means it is compatible with a wide variety of CUVs, SUVs, and pickups. Most of its available sizes are listed below:

    Pros and Cons

    With all the features and benefits of the Winter i* Pike (RW11) covered, let’s now know its pros and cons. Here’re the pros of this winter tire:

    • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified
    • The tire is optimized for excellent performance on snow and ice
    • Impressive wet weather performance
    • Better dry performance than its rivals
    • Unlike competitors, it can do mild off-roading
    • Durability is better than most competitors
    • Superior handling, controllability, and braking than its counterparts
    • Offers smooth and comfortable rides on paved surfaces

    Unfortunately, this tire isn’t good in all areas like other tires. Here’re the cons that you must know to make an informed decision:

    • Cannot be used when temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Not backed by any limited manufacturer tread life warranty
    • Isn’t as great as its competition on the longevity front
    • Isn’t the quietest of tires in the segment

    SimpleTire’s view on Hankook Winter i*Pike (RW11) tires

    The Hankook Winter i* Pike (RW11) is the one of the rarest of tires as it surprises in most areas, and can be called as one of the most value-for-money choices in the category for SUVs, Jeeps, and pickups. The tire is exceptionally good at offering grip and traction on snowy, icy, and slushy roads and as its DNA has all-terrain tire instincts, it can do mild off-roading with absolute ease. The wet weather performance of the tire is really impressive and, even on dry surfaces, the tire is a better performer than its typical winter category rivals. The durability of this tire is admirable, however, in terms of longevity, it fails to impress and wears faster than its peers. Its handling and controllability skills are really impressive and the driver can feel the effective steering and braking responsiveness in wintry conditions. Road noise could be a concern, especially in the long run as the tire wears, but otherwise, the rides are smooth and comfortable. Some buyers might not like the fact that any limited manufacturer's tread life warranty isn’t offered.

    The Winter i* Pike (RW11) is one of the leading winter tires and competes with the likes of Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, General Grabber Arctic LT, Pirelli Scorpion Winter, and Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT 3.

    Vehicles the Hankook Winter i*Pike (RW11) is a good replacement tire for

    Suitable for use on CUVs, SUVs, Jeeps, and pickups, the Hankook Winter i* Pike (RW11) can be used as a replacement choice for vehicles like Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Honda Ridgeline, Ford Expedition, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lexus RX350, Subaru Outback, Nissan Titan, Dodge Durango, and Toyota 4Runner.














    70 SimpleTire reviews

    Nissan Rogue 2021 S
    Verified Customer
    Jan 15, 2022

    Love these tires, will buy them again

    Scott D
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 2002 Limited
    Verified Customer
    Jan 8, 2022

    These tires are great for the snow. It is a smooth ride and the tires are not noisy. Greatly recommend.

    Chevrolet K30 Scottsdale 9-16-inch-studs-gvwr-9200-front
    Verified Customer
    Jan 7, 2022

    I only have a thousand miles on these tires as of yet so I don't have treadwear to report yet. However, in snow these tires are amazing. I debated studding them, but I'm glad I didn't waste the money they work awesome without studs. I drive an old pickup and usually in the winter it's hard to keep forward momentum up snowy icy hills. With these tires I have no problem climbing hills that I would normally need 4 wheel drive for. I will be purchasing these tires for my wife's vehicle as well.

    Kia Sorento 2021 S
    Verified Customer
    Dec 23, 2021

    The tires are incredible! Not noisy, great on dry and wet roads. Great in the snow! They were a great price! I am super happy!

    scott w
    Ford F-150 2019 XLT 4x4
    Verified Customer
    Nov 18, 2021

    I have had these tires on my 2012 flex awd and my 2019 f150 4x4. they are in my opinion the best all around snow tire on the market. traction,handling,stopping and wear are all excellent.

    Genesis GV70 2022 Sport Prestige 3.5T AWD
    Verified Customer
    Nov 17, 2021

    Looking for Winter tires for a new Genesis GV70 (225-55-19) and checked these iPike RW11s first. Ran these on my previous Subi for 3 sets worth over 6 years. Absolutely outperformed all the Bilzzaks I had prior and as good as the X-Ice2s on my old S5. I drive about 600mi a week and these lasted 2 winters. If these are avail in your size stop reading reviews and just buy them.

    Subaru Outback 2017 2.5i Touring
    Verified Customer
    Oct 30, 2021

    Bill & Jackie
    Ford Explorer 2013 Limited
    Verified Customer
    Mar 27, 2021

    These tire work good in the snow. Mine are studded. Great traction and they wear like iron.

    Verified Customer
    Jan 5, 2021

    We live in central Oregon where the winter driving is snow and ice. We also travel over the mountain pass in the winter. At this point I would highly rate the tires for snow and ice especially. How long will they last that remains to be seen. Time will tell.

    Verified Customer
    Dec 1, 2020

    Hankook iPike RW11 - Dec. 2020 Just got my second set of 4. On a 2013 Toyota Tundra, after 7 years of use with studs tread on these tires are still going strong! Being this old (manufactured in 2011, and the fact that studs are now coming out after driving them all year I just got my 2nd set of 4. I love these tires. Best tread life of any tire I've owned. Would recommend for all season without studs. Love the open tread blocks at the corner to let water pass. Half my milage is highway and I recommend to increase rotation and check of air pressure if running highway a lot, to maximize tread life. Cannot find the pin size for the studs, but customer service says size 12...

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