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Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115)Reviews

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    Hankook is one of the premium tire manufacturers in South Korea, and their products just keep getting better and better. Hankook tires are now included as OEM on many vehicles, and the Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) is a great example of why. The Ventus Prime2 (K115) is a top-notch ultra-high-performance (UHP) tire that’s designed for high-speed stability, crisp, responsive handling and steering response, and confident traction on wet or dry roads. Hard cornering, curvy roads, wet pavement, and spirited driving are all part of the game for the Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115).

    So what is it about the tire that makes it a strong performer and a standout value? Let’s go in for a closer look with this Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) review.

    Features and Benefits

    As an ultra-high-performance tire, the Ventus Prime2 (K115) is designed for spirited driving. Here’s what the tire has within it to allow for that:

    • Run-flat design gives you the confidence of being able to keep going another 50 miles even in the event of total loss of inflation pressure
    • Large, flat contact patch puts more rubber in contact with the road for control and responsiveness
    • Large circumferential grooves move water away from the tire’s footprint to avoid hydroplaning effect on wet roads
    • Low rolling resistance enhances fuel economy
    • Softer, stickier tread formulation stays flexible for great adhesion to road surface
    • Designed for shorter braking distances and precise handling
    • Tread pitch is computer tuned to help keep road noise low

    Pros and Cons

    So, is this Hankook tire the right choice for your ride and budget? Before you decide, let’s take a look at the tire’s strengths and weaknesses:


    • Handling is predictable, stable, and accurate
    • Shorter braking distances on wet or dry pavement
    • Ride quality is great, even for a UHP tire
    • Good heat dispersal from tread compound


    • Cannot be used when temperatures are consistently below 45 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Is not backed by a limited manufacturer tread life warranty
    • Only available for passenger vehicles

    SimpleTire’s view on Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) tires

    The Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) may not have the same name recognition as a tire from Pirelli, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great tire and a great value nonetheless. The Ventus Prime2 (K115) is designed for the kind of precision, consistency, and predictability you need for emergency maneuvers or for carving up a twisty road in the hills. It delivers confident and immediate steering response without being twitchy on irregular road surfaces, and it can give you peace of mind on wet or dry pavement. It’s a great compliment for any sporty sedan, coupe, or crossover that can benefit from the cornering, braking performance and maneuverability you need from a UHP tire.

    As for the cons listed above – no, the Hankook Ventus Prime 2 (K115) isn’t an all-season tire and isn’t suitable for cold weather. The softer tread compound you find on a tire like this is only designed for warmer weather – it will stiffen up and lose traction on colder days, and Hankook advises against using this tire if temperatures are below 45 degrees. Additionally, most ultra-high-performance tires are not backed by a limited manufacturer tread life warranty, so the Ventus Prime2 (K115) not having one isn’t surprising.

    Vehicles Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) is an OEM tire for

    The Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) is used as an original equipment tire for the 2016 Mini Cooper

    Vehicles Hankook Ventus Prime2 (K115) is a good replacement tire for

    In addition to being used as original equipment, the Ventus Prime2 (K115) is a good replacement tire for vehicles like the:

    • Audi A6
    • BMW 5 Series
    • Chevrolet Camaro
    • Dodge Charger
    • Ford Fiesta
    • Honda Civic
    • Hyundai Veloster
    • Kia K5
    • Nissan Altima
    • Subaru WRX
    • Toyota Camry














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    Verified Customer
    Jun 12, 2019

    So far so good. Car stays attached to the road like it was glued to it. Good ride and looks. Very happy.

    Verified Customer
    May 27, 2019

    Great Tire, replaced one that had a road hazard on my Chevy Trailblazer, great service from Simple Tire and fast shipping, I would recommend them highly

    Verified Customer
    Oct 23, 2014

    Verified Customer
    Oct 14, 2014

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