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Goodyear G670 RV MRT

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5 SimpleTire reviews

Verified Customer
Jul 17, 2020

Verified Customer
Aug 27, 2018

First and foremost my interaction with Simpletire was an absolute pleasure. This company could not have been nicer to deal with and I would not hesitate to purchase from them again. That being said I hate these new Good Year tires. I own a 47' Volvo D13 powered toyhauler with 10 tires. My rig was new in 2009 and as of April 2018 it only had 22,000 miles since brand new on it. The 10 original tires were Michelin and they were in absolutely brand new condition without a crack on them up until I removed them. My rig rode so smooth with those tires but being 9 years old and with a trip scheduled from Fort Lauderdale to Bowling Green, Kentucky I felt I was running on borrowed time simply because of their age. I made the 1900 mile trip completely uneventfully with these 10 new Good Year tires but they ride so rough I wish I had never got rid of those old Michelins. I would highly recommend anyone in my situation purchase Michelin's or perhaps another manufacturer. I am so discouraged with these Good Years I haven't used my rig since nor have I complained at all to Simple Tire.

Verified Customer
Oct 1, 2017

I love these on my motor home only in the drive position, they have a known rivering issue on the steer position and I have had a tire river that I had to have Goodyear give me an adjustment for after their adjuster basically did a drive by assesment of the wingfoot where the tire was, claimed the issue was an alignment issue, only one problem, that wingfoot had the records where I have my motorhome aligned every year. This will be my last goodyear tires or service acquired from wingfoot. Tried to get a price to have 4 carry in's mounted and dynabeads thrown in, the Brunswick Ohio service manager quoted my wife $300.00 to R&R 4 tires, again, only one problem, they had less than 2 years earlier changed out my carry in fronts (Continentals) for $32 per tire - doesn't take a genius to see the quote was both sexist and punishing for not having bought the tires there at a significant premium. I do NOT recommend Goodyear customer service or Wingfoot. I had the tires R&R'd with beads for $140.00 less than 20 minutes south of me at a chain smaller than Wingfoot. So, my sincere recommendation, if you are looking for RV/Motorhome tires get Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental. Goodyear blatantly ignores rivering/irregular wear issues even though there have been many many coaches blowing steer tires even though the coach is well within axle weights and pressures maintained.

Verified Customer
Jul 26, 2017

great prices / great staff / thank you / yes, we will be back for all our truck tire needs

Verified Customer
Oct 7, 2014

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Get technical:

Goodyear's G670 RV MRT (medium radial truck) tires were made for commercial trucks and heavy industrial use. They are built strong and designed to last. Inside the tire compound, anti-oxidants and anti-ozidant compounds have been added which help to keep the tires from cracking due to weather changes and seasons. You will love the superior handling and performance from the G670 RV MRT tires. Additions to the rubber compounds enhance the traction from the tires while giving you extended tread wear life. Traction in wet conditions is easier with circumferential grooves which act as channels to expel water faster. They also help keep the tires self-cleaning. In dry conditions, notches and sipes help to enhance your dry traction and grip. To achieve higher comfort levels in the ride, Goodyear has chosen a high-technology belt system for the interior of the tire. Additionally, the computer designed tread pattern is created to reduce heat in the tires. It also promotes toughness and decreases squirm, giving you excellent handling. The casing is made of a fuel-efficient material which enhances your overall fuel economy.

Features & Benefits

  • Medium radial truck tire
  • Fuel efficient tires
  • Superior comfort and handling
  • Tread pattern to increase grip, expel water and keep tires strong

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